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Good god alive!

I personally tried the porridge because so many people were saying how gorgeous it tasted. Even though I normally hate the stuff I was convinced I was going to love it. Bleurgh-I didn't! It was horrible!:sick:


100% all the way!
I don't actually mind the porridge, not to keen on apple and cinnamon but otherwise it's edible!
Yep...it's yucky goo!!!
I REALLY wanted to like it cos I love porridge in the 'food' world and I was so disappointed that it tasted so.... euuuwwwggghhhhh!!!! I tried it very thick, very thin and everything in between but just couldnt stomach it. I think its the very first item of food I've not been able to eat in my whole life - which is probably what's got me here in the first place!!! Ah well, each to their own eh?!!!
Its funny how different people feel about porridge. I guess a bit like marmite. I personally think i would DIE if I couldnt have my CD porridge in the mornings!
I mix mine with cold water to a paste, then add warm water more than i should and give it a good mix, sometimes with a hand blender.

zap it in the microwave for a min, and it gets a skin on it, then underneath is nice and thin, but filling.
Have a go at it Reena - its worth a shot! But only buy the one sachet - don't make the mistake I did by buying 7 packs in a week and hating it! Some people love it so I say go for it! You may be one of the lucky ones!!! xxx


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I quite like it lol
I have the OCASSIONAL apple and cinamon one but I do have to make it far sloppier than stated as I must admit the texture is hard to swallow.


I WILL be thin!!
Silly question but can you add salt to the plain porridge? I always eat porridge in the morning but the scottish way, with salt! Can it be added?
I love the porridge (app & cin):D

I use skimmed milk in it otherwise i couldnt eat it and cook it on the hob for bout 3 mins comes out really oaty :D


Soups = VILE :eek:


I WILL be thin!!
Dammit!! Actually I tried it this morning with a sweetner in it and it was actually ok. I was surprised. No salt :( Oh well :(


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Hiya everyone!

Got one porridge (apple and cinnamon) and a soup to try out, hated the soup, wanted oriental chilli but cdc ran out so took a spicy tomato, yuck! Whats with all the bits in it :sick:

Will try porridge later on, thanks for all the tips guys, will keep em in mind:D

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