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Good Luck Tuesday weighers

Just wanted to wish everyone luck for tomorrow.

I'm hoping the scales are kind to me, not had a brilliant week. Started off great, but had wine Thursday and Friday (tried to keep within my syns allowance) But on saturday had lunch out, and ice cream at the seaside and indian plus wine :mad: :eek:. Indian was already ordered and where we stopped for lunch had NOTHING sw friendly:cry::cry:and i scoured the menu...

We'll see tomorrow....3rd week of my 12 week countdown...i need 2.5lb for my 1/2 stone award, but know i won't get that.

Good luck to the rest of you xx
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Good luck MissShiraz. Fingers crossed for you!

I'm joining for the first time tomorrow. Not looking forward to what the scales have to say. Keep telling myself that it can only get better.
Goood Luck hunni, you are right it can only get better!xx :D
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Got my fingers crossed for tomorrow. It was my star week this week, so not sure I'll have done great. I have stuck to the plan 100% but think I have lost about 1-2 pounds. I am getting a bit worried now as this is where I plateued last time! If I lose next week I'll be very pleased.

Good luck to everyone else weighing in tomorrow - got my fingers crossed for us all - and well done to all your Monday weighers! x


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Good luck everyone


I can do this............
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good luck to all of you today! I am weighing today and am keeping my fingers crossed just need half a pound for my one stone award! After a sts last week could really do with a lost for the motivation!!!

Good luck again to all of you!!


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Good Luck Tuesday weighers! ....
Im going to be one of you :) im Joining SW this evening ... :)


I will succeed!!!
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Thanks for the wishes and good luck to my fellow conrades that form the Tuesday WI posse :)

My week started ace...last week was star week and I tend to gain water like nobody's business. I did my mid week WI at home as usual and it was great! But I was away at home for 2 days picking at buffet food and Mum's legendary Sunday roast...so I'm not holding much hope for a great loss now.

But, you never know!

Good luck peeps - see you later for updates xxx


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:D:D:D:Dgood luck to all tuesday weighers. may the scales be kind. :D:D:D:D


I can do this............
S: 14st3lb C: 11st11lb G: 10st13lb Loss: 2st6lb(17.09%)
well guess what i only bloody did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week i lost 2.5lbs so i got my 1stone award! YIPPEE!

Im so excited!! Can you tell lol!

Next week if i lose 1.5lbs i will be into new numbers and the lightest i have been since my daughter was born! She will be 7 this year so i will have finally shifted all my baby weight! Will have only taken 7 years! LOL


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Congrats Henna :D on reaching your stone award

Good luck everyone i know you can do it xx


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Just got back from WI and I've sts. I'm not too bothered as it's star week and the cravings are really kicking in. It's for bread this week :(


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hey everyone:D

I am moving over from CD to sw, go for my first meeting tonight, dragging a friend who has been following sw at home waiting for me to start food again lol

good luck to everyone


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well done on your stone Henna and Ninja, at least you're not worried - it will come off next week. xx

Good luck everyone else (me included - not hopefuly, been a baaaaad weekend :-( )
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Well done, some good losses today :)

Roll on 6.30pm - I want to know!

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