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Good Morning Everyone

I am so proud of my wife right now, Arlene started Exante a week ago and has lost 8lbs, this is phenominal for her as she losies weight really slowly but it seems this diet will be just the thing to help.

I heard from the MD of Exante yesterday and she is intersted in my progress and wants my story on the website once I have reached goal. I was thinking it would be nice if I could keep her update with regards to all our progress and maybe get all our stories put on the site. We are in this together and we have got each other through thisso it would only be right that we all let her know our progress.

Let me know what you think please. I think it can only do Exante the world of good knowing how we are all doing and be very motivational for us. I would also like to know if you do not agree.
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Well Done Arlene :):D fantastic 8lbs woo thats over half a stone how fab ... good luck for your 2nd week ... i love WI day xx
Thank you wannbesize10, I am very chuffed and proud at the same time. I sat at home for 6 weeks watching Mark do this diet and saw the results so decided to do something about my weight. I was not sure if this would work as I do not lose weight easily, looks like this will do the trick.


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Well done Arlene that's fabulous and you should be very proud of both yourself and Mark. I also lose weight really slowly due to another condition (the same one that makes me gain weight!) but my first couple of weeks were really good giving me that boost needed to carry on.
Well done Arlene, thats brill. :)
Well done Arlene, you deserve to be really pleased with your efforts. Its great that you two get to go through this process together, and can support each other when it gets hard. Good for you!

Dee x


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Well done Arlene, it must be nice to do it together and have the knowlege that Mark now has to help you along.

Mark - I am expecting my story to appear on the website very shortly - watch that space lol
Bren xx


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go arlene, lets do it for the pinkies. like u i have always had small losses on other diets, but this must be good as i have done 5 weeks, that is a achievement for me. gosh wer does the time go. x
wher abouts on the site will these new posts be Mark/bren x
Bren's story will be on the Exante website under success stories. When I reach my goal and they still want my story then it will also onto the website. I still think we should let them know how we are all doing.
Huge congrats Arlene on such a fab first week (and of course the rest of you too!!)

Have had no broadband at home for a while (not quite so good when you run an online business from home LOL!) so apologies for the quietness but all is still going well here and last Friday showed a nice loss of 24lbs in 3 weeks :D I find it incredibly easy in the week but find the weekends hard and full of temptation as DH is here and we have evil tempting food in the house. Although I am still actually only craving nice simple healthy food....like the tuna salad wholegrain sarnies I made DH for lunch today *drool*

I'm hoping for another 4lbs this week to make 2 stone in 4 weeks and with another 8 weeks til this wedding we are off to, hoping for another couple of stone as well. I do seem to have lost it all from my top half though so would be nice if my tum and huge-normous bum shrank abit too :whistle:
Hi Nyree, I wondered what had happened to you, good to see you back, you have a tremendous loss, a huge well done, you must be very very proud of yourself. The temptations are getting easier to handle just when the days are bad do I battle, and for the bad foods, the fish and chips and hamburgers. My weight have fallen off from everywhere but my hips, I have lost 43lbs in 34 days, my stomach has almos gone, my legs are thinner, my face is thinner but my hips have shrunk just a little and I still have my love handles. They need to go, maybe they will be the last to go.

Again good to see you back and well done.


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