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Good Morning Everyone!

Hi hope everyone is ok this morning. I am on Day 2 and feeling really happy this morning. So glad I finally started. Helping DH in the shop we own today with food and sweets everywhere but I feel really strong today thank god lol hopefully this strength will last as there is temptation all around me.

How is everyone else doing today? X
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Hi Shaz you are doing so well hun, I found day 3/5 difficult but pushed through it and never looked back. good luck xx
Hi Shaz!! Welldone you :):)
I'm on day 4 and struggling today, my baby son doesnt sleep well at the moment as he has an ear infection so i think i am tired more than anything. But i shall remain strong!!! LOL.
I hope you can resist those sweets! If you do, which im sure you will - give yourself a massive pat on the back. On my first day i was around a lot of shops - aren't they naughty putting all the nice treats near the checkouts!!? I did think about it but didn't hehe.

Lots of luck :)
Luv Chesca xx
Thank you both! It has been really tempting at times when I had to order all the stock and normally I would have ordered extra sweets for home. Now the kids just get what they want at the time cos I don't want cases of sweets lying round the house so no more bulk buying. I have to say I am quite surprised because I haven't come even close to giving in and just keep thinking about that first weigh in.
That will feel so much better than a quick chocolate thrill lol

Glad to hear you are still determined Chesca despite not getting much sleep. My daughter is ill at the moment too. It's not easy being a parent and this time of year is awful for colds and infections. Hope he gets better very soon Hun x x
Hope I don't sound too thick but I am hopeless with abbreviations. What is DH and pmsl?
Hope I don't sound too thick but I am hopeless with abbreviations. What is DH and pmsl?
I confess DH is beyond me (but i am old! lol)

pmsl is pee myself laughing x x x
DH = dear/darling husband x
That explains it.. I have one, but he is neither my dear nor my darling!! lol

Thank you x x
Thanks for clearing that up. I am on day two as well today and am feeling very sluggish and don't want to move of sofa. My 2 year old finds that very annoying.
Hi everyone hope you are all ok. I haven't been able to get on the computer for a few days and allthough i have this forum on my iphone so i can always get on here at times when I am struggling it doesn't always show all the messages on there and I can't see anyone's ticker on there. Hope everyone is doing ok. I can't wait for my weigh in on Thursday morning and just hope that the hard work this week has paid off.

Glitterbug, I had the exact same problem with my 2 year old but as the week has gone I find I have more energy although I do still have my moments lol Hope you are finding it ok x

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