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Good News, Bad News


Totally Focused
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First the good news.

The twins are out of their incubators and now in open topped cots! Martha weighs 4lbs and Jago 3lbs 15oz, although he looks the bigger. In the pictures, Martha is on the right.

Now the bad news.

You may have read that Himself was taken into hospital on Friday with a nasty foot ulcer. As a diabetic, he has trouble with circulation in his feet and legs anyway. He has been on aggressive antibiotics, to quote the doctor, that have made little impact, so he has to have an operation today at some time to drain the ulcer, clear out all the dead tissue and get rid of as much infection as possible. This will leave him with a large wound that, again as a diabetic, will take ages to heal, so he is looking at 6 - 8 weeks minimum in hospital. They are going to do an angiogram also to look at the blood flow to the leg and hope to improve it. Worst case scenario is that he may lose his big toe - or even his foot or lower leg if it doesn't heal.

You can imagine the mixed emotions I am going through with the good news, bad news scenario! In this case, CD is a godsend as I don't have to worry about food - just keep glugging the water and taking the shakes!!
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Hello to a fellow CD-er and a fellow Hertfordshire lass!

Such good news about your grandbabies! Such a mile stone for them and you and their parents.

Sorry to hear about the news re you OH, hopefully they will be able to get it sorted without the latter situation happening. Hopefull he is in the right and the best hands so they can treat him and get him back up and running normally again.

Good for you for thinking on the positive side of being on CD, its so easy in these situations to revert back to old and comfortable ways and coping with things...ie eating and making excuses for eating...so a huge pat on the back to you hon!

Hope all continues to go well for you and your family.
Hugs and best wishes Lou XX
oh what a couple of little charmers you lucky lady. Do hope the news for DH is positive, it must be very upsetting to be dealing with all these emotions at the same time. Huge hug to you all and a brighter future on all fronts.
Hi gramdma, sorry to hear about hubby hope he gets well soon:flowers::flowers:
Lovely piccys of babies. My eldest was 10 weeks early and very poorly when born. She had respiritory disease and also suffered from a collapsed lung twice. She spent 5 weeks in SCBU and was allowed out at 5lbs. She is now the tallest in her class ,and the most developed :eek:
She is 13 and looks more lke 16 even though she doesn't dress older or wear makeup.


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Just thinking of you, your emotions will sure be swinging at the minute.
Your OH and grandbabies are in good hands but please make sure you look after yourself also xx


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So sorry to heard about you husband, I hope the operation goes well and it doesn't take so very long to heal.

Glad the twins are doing better, what beautiful pictures! I have twin boys and they are a delight (well most of the time!!) so HUGE congratulations at being a Grandma to twins!! I was lucky and managed to hang on to them until 37 weeks so they were only three weeks early, but I have alot of twin mum friends who had them much earlier. Hope they continue to go from strength to strength and are soon home where they belong!

Lisa Marie

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Sorry to hear about your hubby hope he gets sorted pretty soon. Great news about the twins they're little smashers aren't they? Take care grandma will be thinking of you.


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Sorry to hear about your husband, hope it all goes smoothly and he heals fast.

Lovely news about the babies though, aren't they cute!! xx


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Beautiful babies!

Big hugs to you and your hubby. You sound as if you have your head switched on, and know exactly what is and could happen, which is great. It doesn't make it any easier though. So a big hug from me cos you're doing great.:hug99:


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Hi Chris- just emailed you and then saw this! As you know-glad about the babies but sorry about your DH. He must be rather alarmed at this point - and poor you with the worry and the prospect of having to travel to visit him for such a long time! Hope this helps him focus on looking after himself.
I know you are a really 'sorted' woman and am sure you don't need nagging but I can't help but remind you to look after yourself too!
Take care
I am sure the beautiful twins must bring lots of joy to both you and "himself". Your poor hubby - I hope the operation goes well and he makes a very speedy recovery. 8 weeks in hospital sounds awful.

Make sure you stock up on bars and tetras - they'll make life a lot easier travelling to and from hospital.

Best wishes to you.

Mrs B

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Best wishes to you and your hubby, Grandma. Remember you both need looking after just now. Great news about the twins.
Big hugs to you Grandma. Hope everything with your Hubby is sorted quickly and easily and the twins continue progressing in leaps and bounds too. Take care too tho. bb xx


Totally Focused
S: 21st4.0lb C: 18st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 45.5 Loss: 2st5lb(11.07%)
Thanks everyone!

I feel much better that I was able to see Ken tonight. He has had his big toe and the ball of the foot amputated as there was no blood flow through it and it had effectively died. He had it done with a spinal block so he was able to chat tonight, which helped me. Foot problems with diabetics are a real nightmare!

Hopefully, the next 2 months will go quickly and he will be home - we are hoping by 25th May for his 60th birthday!


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Glad you could chat and are both okay ( in relative terms!). Do hope he is home for is 60th!
Take care xxx

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