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Good restaurant offering low-point food???

Hi guys,

I'm off to uni next week and so my family are treating me to dinner before I leave. However, I need to pick a restaurant with healthier choices so I don't go over my points.

Preferably not Yo Sushi or Pizza Express as I've been quite recently, but yeah, any menu suggestions?

Thanks in advance! :D
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oooo-id love to know this too-ive not been out for anything to eat since i started WW-and to be honest im a bit scared to do so! lol.
oh me to i am off out in a few weeks and been racking my brains on where to go and best i could come up with is either italian or somewhere with nice steaks and salad bars but wasnt sure if i was right or not? xx
a nice pub carvery i think!!!!! its not too bad on points as all you have to count is your meat and potatoes !!!!,and it fills you up all day,and you can eat all the veggies you want!!!! some carvery's iv been to even do a low fat sorbet for afters!!!XXX when i go for a carvery i just avoid yorkshire puds and i use to vegetarian gravy(guessed it would be lower) have a nice meal hun xxx
harvester, chinese, nandos, or carvery x
Ooooh! Great suggestions! I'm liking the sounds of a carvery or Nando's! I haven't have a meal with proper meat in it for ages!!!

just in case;

Toby -


Fresh fanned melon 1.5
Creamy Mushroom Coriander 8
The Classic Prawn Cocktail 7.5
Spicy Combo 11.5
Chicken Tikka 10.5
Toby Farmhouse-Style Pate 10
Fishcakes 9
Cream of Tomato Soup 2.5
Broccoli & Cheddar Soup 4.5
Mushroom Soup 9
Carrot & Coriander 3.5
Golden Vegetable 1.5

Per Slice unless otherwise stated

Turkey 1
Beef 3
Gammon 2

Yorkshire Pudding 2
Small Yorkshire Pudding 1
Stuffing Balls 1.5

(Spoon) 100g weight

(Note: All veg that are 0.5 points will be free according to WW rules)

Broccoli 1
Caramelised Onion Gravy 1
Leeks 0.5 (count as 0)
Swede 0.5 (count as 0)
Parsnips 2.5
Cabbage 0.5 (count as 0)
Cauliflower Cheese 1
Peas 1.5
Carrots 0.5 (count as 0)

(Spoon) 100g weight

Roast Potatoes 2.5
New Potatoes 1
Mash Potato 1.5

Gravy 0
Vegetarian Gravy 0
Poultry Gravy 0
Parsley Sauce 0.5
Mint Sauce 0

Turkey Jalfrezi 12
Beef Jalfrezi 12.5
Chicken Tikka Pub Food 18
Spicy Combo 11.5
Carvery Turkey Pie 8.5
Carvery Beef Pie 11.5
Butternut Squash (without veg) 4
Chicken Tikka Salad 10
Seafood Club Salad 19
Individual Beef & Theakstone Pie 9.5
Chicken and Bacon Parcel 11.5
Lamb Steak (without veg) 9
Roast Potatoes with Cheese 11.5
Roast Potatoes with Chilli 6.5
Roast Potatoes with Chilli & Cheese 9
Toby Platter 18
Cod Fillet in Cheese Sauce (without veg) 4

Garlic & Cheese bread 7
Brown Bread Roll (Multigrain) 5
Mini Poppadoms 1
Garlic Bread 7.5
Treacle Pudding 12.5
Blackberry & Apple Crumble 14
Chocolate Fudge Cake 11
Cherry Pie 5.5
Chocolate Brownie Fudge Sensation 16
Kids Chocolate Brownie Fudge Sensation 13.5
Knickerbocker Glory 18
Ice Cream 7
Kids Ice Cream 4.5
Jam Sponge 14


Peri-Peri Nuts 3.5
Spicy Mixed Olives 4
Red Pepper Dip 4
Houmous with Peri-Peri Drizzle 15
Peri-Peri Chicken
10 Chicken Wings 11
5 Chicken Wings 5.5
3 Chicken Wings 3.5
¼ Chicken 5.5
½ Chicken 9
Chicken Breast Fillet 10.5
Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi Cheese 9.5
Double Chicken Breast Fillet Wrap 13
Burgers & Pittas
Veggie Burger 5.5
Veggie Pitta 5.5
Beanie Burger 8.5
Beanie Pitta 8.5
Chicken Breast Fillet Burger 6
Double Chicken Breast Fillet Burger 8.5
Chicken Breast Fillet Pitta 6
Double Chicken Breast Fillet Pitta 9
Mushroom & Halloumi Cheese Burger 6
Mushroom & Halloumi Cheese Pitta 5.5
Prego Steak Roll 7
Chicken Livers & Portuguese Roll 10
Nando’s Mixed Leaf Salad 0.5
Mediterranean Salad 4.5
Caesar Salad 4
Couscous Salad 6.5
Sides & Extras
Portuguese Roll 3
Regular Chips 5.5
Regular Spicy Rice 3
Regular Coleslaw 3
Regular Corn on the Cob (one) 2.5
Regular Garlic Bread 6
Toasted Pitta Bread 3
Perinaise 2.5
Sweet Potato Mash 4
Ratatouille 2.5
Portobello Mushroom 0
Grilled Halloumi Cheese 1.5
Regular Macho Peas 3.5
Large Macho Peas 6.5
Regular Creamy Mash 6
Large Creamy Mash 12.5
Nandino Chicken Breast Fillet Burger 6
3 Chicken Wings 3.5
Chicken Breast Fillet Strips 2.5
Nandino Veggie Burger 5.5
Nandino Bean Burger 8.5
Choc-a-lot Cake 12.5
Carrot Cake 14
Chocolate Cheesecake 13
White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl 12
Ice Cream & Yogurts
Chocolate Ice Cream 7
Strawberry Ice Cream 4
Rum & Raisin Ice Cream 4.5
Vanilla Ice Cream 5
Mango Sorbet 2.5
Bottomless Frozen Yogurt 1
Chilly Billy Lolly 0.5
Portuguese Pastries
Naughty Natas 4
Coconut Tart 7
and btw... OMG THANKYOU!

in the eating out book Nando's chicken breast in pitta is 7 points... just seen it states here (off uk lady luck) 6! so went to Nando's site checked it myself... 6 POINTS! woo woo :D saved myself 1 point there hehe :p thanks :) hehe

PS going there tomorrow hehe

nandos ; http://www.nandos.co.uk/default/FEM6/Eating_Well.html

in case anyone wants to check anything, selection list on right hand side :)
Thanks so so so so so so sooooo much for that Smirky! It's brilliant!!!!!
Thanks so so so so so so sooooo much for that Smirky! It's brilliant!!!!!
no problem at all, Starlight has put a eating out section at the top of the points area as a sticky, all in there are main places eat out or snack at and links to websites telling you all the nutrition information you need to work out their points :) if what your looking for isn't on there just let me know or type uk lady luck into google (sorry can't put link on here anymore for legal reasons :) ) but everything is on there, though would double check if you can on a few things as sometimes the values have changed since the site was updated etc :) enjoy xx
wow thanks for the toby list i am going in a few weeks and will help me loads thanks sooo much! x

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