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Goodbye Alcohol Syns


Always comes back to MMs!
I think I'm guilty of this too, saving up for a big booze blowout on the weekend... I'm going on the wagon this week, hopefully will result in a good loss and also mean I can spend a Sunday doing something other than lying in bed complaining and promising never to drink again! xx
i keep trying sooo hard not to waste my syns on alcohol! i went from last saturday night until yesterday when some friends came round and was so pleased with myself but i wish i could be more successful as far as saying no to a glass of wine is concerned - but then i suppose we all have our downfalls as i am fine with everything else. we must keep trying x


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It's the alcohol syns that are my downfall.

Me and my group of friends have always been the type to meet up for a few at Uni, or in town for an afternoon drink. Social drinking, you could say. I don't usually have a big blow out, it's more spread out over the week, which seems worse sometimes. Also, if I do go out on a proper night out, I start of well, keeping track of how many syns, then by the end of the night I'm either too drunk to remember or I just drink whatever!


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I used to go out all the time before SW.. every weekend.. serious binge drinking!! I can't go without nights out, so i plan to go out once a month where i just drink what i want, i don't see the point in trying to keep track of syns cos i'd drink that much i'd lose track anyways, like RubyMoss says. If i go out more than that, i can usually control myself and have 1 or 2 drinks and then go onto the diet coke, i still manage to enjoy myself.
I think it's ok to enjoy yourself at least once a month!! :) x

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