Goodbye everyone. I can't do this


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Hi everyone. You're all really great and supportive, but I've realized that this just isn't for me. I'm on day 4 and I've had it. I just had some lunch and I feel so much better. I don't feel guilty at all. I'm going back to weight watchers. I've lost 2 stone with them in the past and only gained it back in pregnancy. Good luck to you all. May you all succeed! Thanks again for all the support along the way.
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Good luck Silver :D You really do have to have the right state of mind for this diet but I am sure that you will do well back on WW :D nice to have "met" you :D :D


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The diet isn't for everyone hun, and at least you gave it your best shot. Good luck with WW and join in the WW forum on here, they are a great bunch of peeps x x x


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hey shame to see you leave but as the others said it wasnt for everybody and hopefully ww will suit you better..might see you there later in the year:)...hope you get to your goal and achieve all you want of luck sweetie...x


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Good luck with it mate, sad to see you go but if it wasn't right for you then it's the best decision. Take care!


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Sorry to see you go :cry:, but if you have made up your mind you know what is best.

Good luck, and pop in now and again to say hello !!




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Good luck to you! At least you tried and did your best. I'm sure you will succeed with WW!

All the best,


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And glad you dont feel guilty about the others say, this diet is extreme and it doesnt suit everyone !

Good luck on WW and no reason why you shouldnt be a stranger because you are not doing LT! Let us know how you are getting on.


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Best of luck with WW silver xxx


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awww thanks everyone! i think I'm more sad to be leaving the forum than i am the diet. you all are a great bunch. will defo update on my ww weight loss. will probably sound insignificant to your huge weight losses. i wish you all well on your weight loss journey. thanks for your support. :)


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its your health and well being that is most important - doesn't matter how youget there ! .xx


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good luck on ww silver

irish molly

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As long as you are happy. Lots of luck with WW, you did it before so know it works for you.


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Good luck Silver:wave_cry:. I always find the fourth and fifth day impossible too so best of luck with everything. I feel so envious now of you!.What I wouldnt do for soup and a wholemeal roll!!!:sigh:


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All the best with WW. It's great that you are being honest enough to acknowledge that LT isn't for you. You've done well with WW in the past and I'm sure you will do it again.



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best of luck dont be a stranger :)


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Best of luck Silver, it's the prize you're after that's important, not how you win it so whatever way you achieve it, here's to your desired weight loss.
Take care