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Goodbye... for now


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After a lot of thought and turmoil, I've decided to stop doing CD for the foreseeable future. I just cannot handle the mood swings, I don't feel like myself any more. I haven't felt as low since having post-natal depression after my daughter was born 4 and half years ago. I always thought I could cope with any diet as long as the weight was coming off, but CD has been such an emotional upheaval and my head is just not in the right place at the minute.

There is a lot going on in my personal life and I'm struggling to cope with it on top of the diet because I'm so tired and so emotional. I am finding I can't think straight. I've been thinking about it for a while, but today has been the straw that broke the camels back as they say. Even minute things are getting me down- I've just been in floods of tears on the phone to the estate agent all because somebody has cancelled a viewing of our house. I don't like having no control over my feelings, it is affecting the whole family.

I hope to come back to CD when things have settled down in my personal life, and in the mean time I'll probably do WW or SW. Just writing this I'm in floods of tears because I feel like failure, but I know I'm doing the right thing because it is affecting my children and my ability to look after them like I want to.

So I'd like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you who has written me a little message of support, answered my questions or listened to my rants. I really couldn't have got as far with the diet as I have without you guys. You are all such an inspiration, be proud of yourselves because not many people could hack this diet (me being one of them ;)) Hopefully I'll be joining you in maintenance before you know it. Until then, keep strong, keep happy and enjoy it.

Love, hugs and thanks, Lisa x
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Lisa, I am very sad you are leaving us. I have sent you a pm


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I like you are having a tough day today and understand where you coming from with it affecting your mood and daily life whilst caring for kids etc...
It does sound like you need a break and a hug. I don't however think you have failed. You have said in your post that you are going to take some time out for the moment and then maybe join another slimming group. That just sounds like a rational decision you have made due to your personal circumstances, but not the end of you weight loss journey. Even if CD is not right for you at the mo. You are still in our thoughts as you embark on another path, but like us your on the same journey.
Honey you haven't failed, just not this way right now.
Good luck and chill out for today. Tommorow is a new day and I'm sure you'll feel better soon.
Hiya Lisa, don't feel like a failure, for this diet you HAVE to be in the right frame of mind.. You will find what is right for you, and I wish you all the best....
It doesn't matter how you get to your destination as long as you get there in the end...
Take care....



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lisa, please dont feel like a failure!
This diet needs to fit round you, and if it doesnt then so be it. Good luck with WW/SW which ever you decide to do, and hope to hear about your fantastic losses soon!


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by the time you read this, i guess you would of already given up BUT dont lisa, seriously i know i should be suportive saying its your decision etc BUT i aint like that!! lol
I KNOW its difficult, i know it makes you feel like crap to start BUT I SWEAR to you, hand on heart it gets easier!!! I honestly didnt think i would be able to do it (especially since starting and failing the first time i tried after 2 days!!) Write down your reasons for wanting to lose the weight and remind yourself of them.....you can do this...honestly, if you want someone to phone and talk to i will send you my number, if you want to meet someone who now ooooozes confidence (because of the diet) i will take you out with me for the day, BUT i know YOU can feel like this too!!! Please dont give up x


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Take care Lisa and I know you will continue to lose whatever you decide to do, but stay on the threads cos we'll miss you!



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Do what you have to do, this diet will always be here when you need it. Take care, and I hope you manage to sort all of your personal problems out.

Sending you lots of hugs xxxxxxxx
bless you lisa....I know it can be hard when theres other things going on in your life too, and I'd love to say DON'T LEAVE US!!!!! but when all is said and done it's your decision and you know if its right. Everyone here obviously cares about you and at least you know we will all be here for you whichever diet you decide to go on xxxxxx


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There I go again, blubbing like a 3 year who has dropped an ice cream. Thank you all for your kind words ladies, it really does mean a lot that so many of you genuinely care. I have sometimes felt so alone this last month, I've even felt resentment towards my family cause they get to eat and I don't. Even now, I'm not sure I've made the right choice, my mind is constantly reeling and I can't help but feel I'm giving up too easily.

After a little chat to h2b, I've decided to stick with the diet until my next weigh in on Tuesday, partly to use up my packs, and partly because its easy nutrition when I don't feel like eating anything. Maybe by Tuesday I'll be feeling a bit better, admittedly being ill isn't the best time to make such a huge decision. So for the next few days I'm going to rest up, drink as much as possible with inflamed tonsils and not let a single thing worry me. H2b is convinced I'll stick with it once I see myself have a good loss again, but we'll see.

Thanks again ladies, you're all so lovely x


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Hey Lisa..
Great plan... I think thats a good idea... You take care of yourself and big hugs to you... Im sorry that you are feeling poorly...
Chin up hon and Im here if you want to chat.. your so not alone..
take care hon x


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Good choice!!!!! stay with it, it will definately be worth lisa x And if you do want someone to chat to...pm me and i wil send you my number xxx


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Thank you ladies. Think I need an early night. H2b works a late shift tomorrow, so I'm sticking him on the floor in one of the girls rooms, having the double bed all to myself, locking the door and making him get up tomorrow at 5am with them while I have a lie in. B*gger it, I'm allowed to be selfish for once. Hopefully everything won't seem as bad if I've got a bit more energy. Now- does anyone have any idea if there is a ketosis friendly Strepsil alternative?


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Just blub away, it does you good....sounds like you have a LOVELY H2B who supports you whatever your decisions and good for you waiting til the next weigh in.
Anyone who has a weight problem(like all of us on here!) knows the stress you are under just trying to lose weight let alone all the other things you have to worry about too. And feeling like sh*te really doesn't help you think straight at all. I had to stop for a couple of days in the second week cos of antib's and just feeling awful so you may feel stronger again once better. Let's hope so cos you are doing sooo well.
Make the most of being looked after this weekend and hope you feel better real soon.



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Oh Lisa just spotted this, so sorry you are going through all of this. Whatever you choose you know we are here for you. I hope you opt to stay on CD but if it is not the route for you that's fine... all roads lead to Rome! And at the end of the day, you have to do what is right for you.

You are NOT a failure, not a chance... you know that.

Please do stay on the threads though hon, you will be very sorely missed. No disappearing! And last but not least, big hugs.

Hope you're feeling better soon.Glad you're sticking with us at least a bit longer.


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whatever you decide to do it has to be right for you, and we'll all be here for you whatever the outcome. Maybe you should ask your G.P about it? your body maybe needs the extra calories just now? It won't be a failure, It'll just be some time off while ill then back on track if thats what you decide. positive vibes coming your way! x

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