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Goodbye SS+ and Hello 810 :-)

Well, after much self deliberations I have finally decided to step up to the 810 plan.

SS+ just wasn't for me. I have had a good weight loss when I STUCK to the plan. But due to having so many external work meetings and then breaking the diet etc, I have had enough! It just doesn't fit into my current lifestyle :cry: I've been finding it harder and harder to re-start SS+ and all this heartache & trauma just isn't worth it for me. Plus my family life is suffering (think short tempered, feeling crabby, headaches & jumping into & out of ketosis isn't good for my mental health!) and this just isn’t fair on my little boy.

So, I am taking the plunge into the 810 plan and really hoping that I can stick to it and that I can lose the excess weight once & for all. Plus, I think that this will be good practice for healthy (pregnancy) eating as we are currently trying to conceive :)

I’ve got enough funds to last me to Christmas which I am hoping & praying will take me closer to target. After that I really must find a cheaper alternative to CWP (I will probably join Slimming World – I have heard such good review on their healthy eating plan).

So, please wish me luck!
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Well done on your weight loss to date, 32lbs off is excellent:happy096:

You might find that because you are happier on 810 that you might actually have similar losses.

When the time comes it is a very good idea to join one of the Slimming Clubs like SW as it will help keep your focus.

Best of luck with your Christmas goal!
Well done on what you've achieved so far!
I'm on 810 aswell as my bmi was too hard to start ss and I still lost 7lbs this week so can't be too bad!
You just need to find something thats right for you otherwise it won't work...
Its nice to have that one meal a day with your family aswell so it stops you being excluded :)
Good luck x
Thanks Girls :) I'm really grateful to SS+ for losing so much weight & lowering my BMI........ it would have taken me absoulte months to achieve this same weight loss on SW.

I'm feeling very optimistic at the moment and really looking forward to my meal tonight. I would like to lose as much weight as possible by Christmas as I know for certain that I can't afford to carry on with this diet as we need to start baby #2 fund..... well, here's hoping anyway :cross:
good luck with it, honey - i'm sure you'll go great guns!
HI All,

I am thinking of going to 810 as I don't think SS or even SS+ is for me. I have a really demanding FT job with long hours and doing a PhD PT. Though I want to lose weight and relatively fast I think I have to be realistic as well. However I don't know much about the CWP and the info you get here in Asia is quite limited. To be honest the CDCs are more like suppliers than consultants. I have found out more on here than over here...

Anyway my understanding is that you are only in ketosis on SS? All I need to do is function and keep me diet simple. Being in Singapore western food is hard to come by and really expensive. But I tried healthy eating on local food and it doesn't work. So I am thinking off doing the shakes one in the morning and one in the evening with a sandwich and a piece of fruit at lunch time. It should be in the range of 800-850. As long as I am consistent and it is not stressful (only have to worry about one meal) I will lose weight?

Any thoughts?
It's not how the 810 plan works, and you'll probably have to tackle hunger, but that method would see you lose weight.

810 is designed to keep you in ketosis, as it's 3 Cwp products and then a meal of low fat protein (chicken breast, prawns, White fish, egg...) with a tiny amount of veg (3tablespoons) from a specific list. The veg are where the carbs are, so if you keep them limited, you cam stay in ketosis. Basically 810 is the same as ss+ with more food.

If you want more freedom, fruit etc, then the 1000 may be for you. You won't be in ketosis, but you'll be eating that bit more so it shouldn't matter.
I'm just wondering why 810 would be easier than SS or SS+ since you are in still in ketosis anyway? Is it easier because of the psychological hunger? After all regardless of whether you do SS/SS+ or 810 and in ketosis you shouldn't be hungry?

So what's the deal? I guess the symptoms are the same? Is the experience of going into ketosis the same whether it is SS or 810 or different?
With the 810 plan you have 3 products and milk and a small meal.

Ss is usually 3 sachets (4 off you are 5ft 8in or taller).

Ss+ is 3 sachets and a very small protein meal or 4 sachets and milk.
i think the main difference between SS+ and 810 is you get a bit more calories on 810 which people might need if they are very active or very big. you should still be on ketosis on both if you are careful with your portions of the veg.

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