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Goodbye & Thanks For The Support

Well Girls

I am a little disappointed but my CD journey has come to the end for a while. Shock of shock I have discovered I am pregnant this week therefore I am not allowed to carry on. At least I know why I have needed food the last few days lol. Good luck to you all and I admire what many of you have achieved. Hopefully if any of you are aroung in about 9 months time I will see you then. Till then ta ta.:wave_cry:
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Firstly congratulations on the great news :) but why do you have to leave?

Couldn't you still come on here for support through your pregnancy when (I'm assuming) you'll want to eat healthily and not gain too much weight?

This site isn't just about people losing heaps of weight but supporting each other through various journeys connected with getting and staying healthy at various times in our lives - and sometimes that doesn't involve losing weight at all. :)


I will get to goal .....
Aww yes - well said Russian Doll!! Don't leave us everchangingme .... stick around and tell us how you are getting on!! Great news for you and here's to a happy, healthy pregnancy for you and bubs x


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Ahhhhhhhh baby news....Many congratulations x


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Congratulations on your wonderful news!!!

Debbie is right, you don't have to leave.

Shrinking Nicky kept a diary when she was pregnant and is continuing on as she loses the baby weight.

Bettyboo drops in every now and then and lets us know how she is, she is due in two weeks time.

Whatever you decide, you know your always welcome.

Love Mini xxx


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Congratulations on the baby news ECM :).

It would be lovely if you would still pop by every once in a while to let us know how you are getting on.

Take care poppet xx


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Congratulations ECM!!! Wonderful news. Keep us updated with how things are going, don't just drop off the radar. I know someone who was on SW then fell pregnant but carried on plan (obviously Dr OK'd this) and ended up weighing less and heathier when baby arrived!! Good luck!!


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Congratulations what wonderful news

Mrs V

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Don't become a stranger, drop in from time to time and let us know how you are.

Take care




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CONGRATS!! what lovely news :D its not an excuse to leave minis though :p if u wanted to carry on losing weight, u could try slimming world. as ive posted a million times, I lost 4 stones during my last pregnancy while doing SW. I was stones lighter at 9 months pregnant than i was at 6 or 7 weeks.

whatever u decide to do though...I hope u wont run off :D xxxxxxxxxxx
CONGRATULATIONS hunny that's fantastic news!!!!! Everyones right you can still chat....dont leave us!!!
Thanks for the words of encouragement girls I think I was just in shock lol. Intresting to here that Karen lost weight whilst pregnant Hmmm. So perhaps SW is the way to go!! I guess I am just a little disappointed as I had made time for me and I was doing really well on the weight loss front, something I have struggled with most of my life but I suppose having a baby is a good enough excuse to just put things on hold for a while.
Again thanks for the lovely comments!!!

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