Got a cold. Any tips to get through please?


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My DD2 has kindly shared her cold with me, :sigh: I've awoken to a sore throat, earache and a snotty nose. Bleurghhhhhh.

Colds are the time when I would sit down with masses of chocolate and biscuits and crumpets and stuff myself.

Any good tips to keep me on the Exante path please?

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Mines still here :( I used a throat spray but I didn't like it. The chemist suggested throat sweets for diabetics but I didn't want any - too much like real sweets for me! I just continuously drank liquids which helped. I also took a tablet called sinutab, which is for sinuses etc got a cough now though and my nose is very runny one minute and blocked the next so I have one of those vickes things you sniff up your nose :) I'll not lie, it's not been easy but I've carried on and not given in! Good luck :)


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The throat spray for me is a godsend (esp at the mo) make sure you are drinking lots of fluids - paracetamol or ibruprofen and just rest - if you are one of the unlucky ones like me who has still got to go to work through it then plenty sympathy is great too.

I've just been going home and sleeping - leavning my hubbie to deal with my little boy.

Sorry nothing else to add


Losing it!
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I've got the munchies! Have eaten all my bar - grrrrrrr. Going to be knocking back the water and bouillon all afternoon to get through.


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are you feeling better now hun ?xoxo


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Hope you're feeling better soon. :sign0137: I found the throat spray really helped too. Also, you could go up to 4 packs perhaps. I did that with the shakes, split them in half and had them hot, so lots of hot milkyish comforting shake drinks during the day, to curl up with.
Hope you're feeling better soon