Got CDin house just havent started please help


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I need to get started i have a weeks suppy ready to start and in my head i want to start tomorrow, but i havent quite got there.
I watched a program about how fat affects us and cings to our atteries and it shocked me, iv looked at all the insperational picutres on here whats stopping me ?

Before xmas i lost stone and half on CD and was doing dandy but went on a wee eat fest over christmas.

Please help me

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Hi Andrene

There is nothing stopping you hun!! Start tomorrow!

I am on day 6 but I can honeslty say I dont think I would have got this far without the support of this website!!

Start tomorrow, remember to drink your water! And log on here for some spurring on!! xxx


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Like truffle said, there's nothing stopping you, just got to go for it! Once you get in there and get started you won't regret it. It's a huge step that will make you feel so much better. The hardest bit is just starting, but you've done that before, you can do it again, good luck!


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Andrene it's the best diet I have ever gone on. I have only been on the diet for 6 days nonetheless the diet feels soooooooo right. I agree with truffle drink lots of water go on the site as often as you can. Just take it day by day hunxxx


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you know you can do it, youve done it before...
you have to get your head right... it really does help!
remember, if you think you cant you wont.... if you think you can you WILL!!!!
Youve got all you need to wave goodbye to the weight.. do it!!
everyone's here for you whenever you need help and support...

DO IT!!!!!!



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Blimey!!! look who's popped in. It's me weeeee friend Andrene!

whats stopping me? Come on misses...get going on it. Do one of the higher plans for a bit, then work down.

Lovely to 'see' you again here :clap:


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Thanks truffels

Thanks for your support , your doing well when is your first weigh in ?
What have you got to lose ?
Do u fancy being my weight loss buddy for a wee bit of chat and banter alsong the way.

Andrene x


Gone fishing

KD goes away sniffing under armpits to double check.

Trying again....hiya andrene


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Of course andrene :D There is a few of us all on the same day, and everyone is so lovely!!

I know I have about 5 stone to lose to get a healthy BMI but setting myself a 5 stone target from the offset just did not seem realistic to me, so I have set myself to get to 12 stone to begin with then we will go from there!

My first weigh in is on tuesday - i cant wait! xx


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LOL @ KD x


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Thanks for that wee welcome you skinny person you. It nice to be remembered thank you buddy . All i need to do now is to get me arse in gear.
Iv competed my PGD in counselling so im a bonifidy counsellor been on quite a journey of self discovery.
Doctor refered me to psychoogist at hospital which help me imensley. I am in a very different place than i was a few years ago

Cheers guys you have remeinded me how warm this place can be, and it feels like coming home :)

A x


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Hi andrene, I read here on a post that a cdc recommended switching on the cd button at midnight- all in the mind I know but the mind is a strong thing. So come midnight tonight turn it on cinderella lol. Good luck and I hope you get back on cd with no probs xx.


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May be d thought dat u cant eat proper food for sometime is stopping u? B strong honey, tell urself again why you want to do & how beautiful and healthy u would be at the end of dis short journey..

the support here is wonderful, v are there if u need to hold hands with us, but u will have to walk thru dis journey..

Gud Luck!


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Hi Andrene --

Welcome to CD. Like Truffleshuffle I am about to finish up my first week back and, for me, once I got past the first three or four days it has been so much better. Ketosis makes all the difference. Also, a sneak peak at my losses did not hurt. This diet works -- and fast.


I always appreciate how awesome and quick you are to offer support and advice. And, since I have had sinus surgery and you'd have to be incredibly foul for me to object... I'll be your buddy. LOL



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Hi Andrene

You sound like a person with a lot of determination and great understanding of the workings of the human mind, what with achieving a post grad diploma in counselling.

But its always hard to apply our useful wealth of knowledge, whether its gained through life, study, work or whatever other source, to ourselves. A colleague of mine told me it took her a whole year to start CD, by which time she had gained more and more weight.
So, come on and join the fun here, it will be good to get to know you , best wishes x