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Got my first meeting tmw and dont

Eva, I spent the night before doing exactly what you did, trying to talk myself out of going. Once you have been, you will wonder what you ever worried about. There really IS nothing to be scared of. Everyone is there for exactly the same reason you are. There will be people bigger than you, and smaller than you, but they all have exactly the same goals as you. They want to be able to lose weight and still be able to eat all the foods they enjoy while doing so.

This is the first step on your journey, and it might feel like the biggest one of all right now, but soon, it will be a step that is behind you, and you will be well equipped for the rest of your journey.


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I was really nervous about my first meeting, I cant say which diet is best for you personally, all i can tell you is that this diet allows you to have a life, you will be eating really wholesome, healthy foods, with some treats along the way, and my consultant has been fab, as have the other people in my group. Go along, and give it a go, you have nothing to lose hun xx


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i dont no why im so worried one min fine then freak out again i wanna go really i do but want the first time over with xxx
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i've rejoined my group several times and given up, i always expected the consultant to be judgemental or think that id just quit again. been going a year now, over that time i've had a baby and in the last 8 weeks have lost over a stone. you'll be fine hun, see if you could maybe find someone to go with you for a bit of moral support or just text the consultant beforehand if possible and tell her if you're worried. we all worry the first time, dont worry it's not like fat fighters on little britain at all x


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i dont have no one to go with i have visions of lots of jordans sitting around lol


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Eva - there is nothing to fear for going through those doors. Though we all get frightened.

The one thing you will find is that there are so very few "jordans" sitting around - and lots of normal people with one common aim - managing their weight.



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It is difficult at first but once the weight starts coming off it's a real boost and week by week I'm finding it easier ....good luck!
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Of course it's going to be difficult, you'll be going into a room full of people you don't know. You're going to get weighed in front of somebody you don't know. But you are making a choice you want to lose weight & everyone in that room you walk into tomorrow has made the same choice as you, to do something. Everyone there will be either losing weight or maintaining. I can assure you there will be no Jordan's.

We all have fear's when we don't know what to expect, but when you walk into that room your consultant will be there for you to help you feel better & help you along the way.

Pop back here tomorrow & let us all know how you got on. We are here for you:D


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hope your first meeting goes well - i remember when i joined back in October, it is scary at first, but now, 6months on i have great friends at club - a few of my friends from outside SW have now joined up too and its great.

Nothing to worry about, there is always somebody who will be thinking the same as you are - and you will soon be chatting and making friends at group!

I dont think i would have lost nearly 3 stone if I hadnt attended a group - the support is fundamental to my losses!!!



is working hard.....
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Just to wish you all the best - remember every single person in there has been where you are now and will support and welcome you with open arms.

Good luck xx:)

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