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Got my Mojo back!!

I have been so proud of myself doing 8 weeks of 100% TFR, then I fell.. 3 weeks on and off cheating, started off with protein nibbles then progressed to crisps and chocolate, and I even had a sandwich! I nearly came off Lt many times, trying to convince myself I had failed and i'll come back to Lt after eating as was craving food so bad.
But with the amazing support I had from my husband i have managed to get back into Ketosis and after having no weightloss all week, I weighed this morning my usual WI and lost 2 lbs, i'm so happy to finally have been able to kick the habbit of snacking and back on the weightloss train, took some doing I can tell you!!
You have not failed untill you fail to keep trying, so keep going everyone x:love047:
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Well done Claire for not giving up, good luck for the rest of your journey :) x


Sensibly losing :)
Aww well done hun!! Its tough when you start picking isn't it! I am right in the middle of it myself and its drivine me mental but the only person I am cheating is myself! I have lost about 3lb this week but then stupidly ate a whole bloody Easter egg yesterday (and I wont even say what went down the hatch the day before but it weren't good!)... scales have gone up a notch this morning! its been so bloody hard with the other half off work and spending all day in the garden with BBQs and days out... I caved! I have accepted it though as it satisfied me and I had a really lovely weekend! Everyone back to school/work today so I am back on the shakes and looking forward to getting rid of my rumbling belly as its screaming for food right now!!

Looking forward to joining you very soon! I am back in the zone, need the body to follow!!! LOL! Also, been that bad I dont need to weigh for 2 weeks as I have a whole cupboard full of shakes!! PMSL! xxxxx
LOL Donna! I have loads too, my mum tried Lt for 2 weeks but didnt carry on so i have loads of hers too lol. you can and will get back on the wagon Donna, I trust you can do it!! I agree it's so hard isn't it, out in the garden BBQ's, picnics. Just think how happy we will be by the end of the summer! Good luck xxx


goingtobeslim x
well done claire for getting back on it, after a bad weekend myself. i'm back on it 100% today. good luck with the rest of your loss. x
well done claire for not giving up, its very hard sometimes but as i've found the longer your on it the better you get :) , best of luck hun we are all here for you :) xx
well done for getting back on track! you should be very proud of yourself for beating the snacking habit!
well done, I am determined to stick to 100% as long as I can as I worry that if I snack I wont be able to get back on track too easily!! I have the same to lose as you tho to be honest I would be more than happy if I lost 5 stone, 6 would be a total bonus!!
Well done Claire. You had me worried there for a bit because you were duplicating exactly what i did on this. I admit i have not had a great week but it's WI Thursday morning and then i will really get back on track.
I will keep checking in with you so we can hopefully keep each other on the right path.
Good luck hun :) x
Thanx everyone so pleased, i've lost 4 lb in 2 days LOL since being back in ketosis, I could kick myself for letting myself fall off the wagon, but never again! Went to my 1st Zumba class last night, I found it great, I gave it everything I had as you can burn from 300-1000 calories in 1 hour of Zumba, I took my daughters, mum and 2 friends lol was such good fun, was proud of myself I completed the full hour with no breaks, kept up with everyone and actually got the steps :p x


goingtobeslim x
well done claire on your loss 4lb in 2 days is brilliant. glad you had fun in zumba i love it and it's so much fun. keep up the good work you deserve it :)


Sensibly losing :)
Well done you!!! :) I wanna do Zumba but I cant move my hips much LOL so rather than look like a twit I am leaving it well alone!! I may try the Wii Zumba but again not sure if its 'me'..!! Well done on the weight loss :) Yeah baby the scales are on the way down!! :) Fab feeling isnt it!!

I am also back with ya!! 100% yesterday for the first time in a month and I now know that I am fine. It was ticking the box for that FIRST day that was the hardest and now I have done it I am gonna be fine. Got on the scales this morning and I am 12st 7!! whoop whoop! and thats only a day behaving myself! Off swimming in a bit with the little man while the girls are at nursery - hes never been as I was too embarassed to be seen in a cossie - hes 2. What a waste eh! Very much looking forward to it!

Keep it up hun, remember the feel-good feeling and bottle it up for when you want to waivre (sp?)... thats what I am doing. I think having cheated and lived the agony (and it is agony, its like a mental fight with yourself isnt it which is torture) and come out the other side I now truly appreciate this diet and its powers. I am in it for the long haul now - 10lb to go for me to be ideal weight having changed my goal! a couple of lb would be a waste of time! :D xxxx

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