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Got myself a flippin job......


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Well after unemployment since last October Ive got myself a job 30 hrs per week 10-4pm. The money only minimum wage at the moment but better than a poke in the eye.

I feel a bit nervous because Ive been temping for a while and if I dont like somewhere I know Im not staying different with a permanent job.

Im glad of it though, the woman who interviewed me was really nice and she said they are a friendly small bunch so thats good.

Hope everyone is well and happyish:D
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That's fab news :)

Don't worry about "only" minimum wage - minimum wage is there to protect you hun, at least it's not lower than that.

Very pleased for you - when do you start?
thats great news. CONGRATULATIONS although the title made me smile

I've got a flippin job sounds like your tossing pancakes for a living... or doing some kind of somersault hehehe.

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Well done hun, that's fantastic xxx


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I start on Monday the reason for the low start wage is the boss of the company said he would sooner have the right person and start them low than take the wrong person on a high wage. ha ha

Anyway after 3 months its reviewed and then 6 months she said dont worry I wouldnt be staying on this rate of pay.

So Im pleased !!!!:D

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Great news hun - I truly believe it's all about the right job and not the right money! Money may make the world go round (or so they say!) but nothing really compares to being happy in a job that you know is yours for as long as you want it! xxx


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Nice one! It really is tough out there. Do you mind me asking what type of work it is?


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The sad thing is Ive never had a job that I didnt mind going to Ive always envied people who like their jobs very lucky!!! Hopefullu I will like this one.
Congratulations and good luck with it.


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Its a company that deals with appeals for people on their business rates, if they feel they are too high too much competition in the same street. Parking changes and the size of premises .They appeal to HMRC and the Valuation office on behalf of the business to see if they can get a reduction.

The woman who interviewed me was very nice and they sound like a good company. I will be answering the phone and any admin necessary.

big bear

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Sounds good to me, I hope to find a part-time job soon. You are so lucky to get a permanent job as it's a hard world out there; hang on to it! The hours are great too; you don't need to get up too early & you'll be home early, love it.

Many congrats XXX


Must do it this time
Im delighted for you well done and best of luck with the start on monday
Excellent news!!! So pleased for you!!! :woohoo:


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oh, great news hun, it's lovely to hear of people getting jobs, good uck for monday:D