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Got myself an automatic!


Gone fishing
….automatic car that is.

Not mine either, just on loan from the garage. Great big rusty wreck, so nothing new there….except it’s minus a gear stick and my favourite pedal:(

I decide to take it for a ride to a meeting this morning. I have to get to exams tomorrow, so I needed to have a drive around anyway to get used to it.

Driving was no problem. You do wonder what to do with your left arm and leg a lot of the time. Did think at one point if rigor mortis was setting in down the left side of my body as it lay so still. It was even hard to remember to use 2 hands on the wheel. In general my arm knows ‘change gear, place hand back on wheel’. Without the change gear part, my hand was at a loss. It seemed unable to find it’s way to the wheel via my lap, without me having to issue instructions.

Still, got there in one piece and managed to park the car. Cool idea putting R for reverse

Went to meeting. Walked back to car park. Decided that it would have been an exceptionally brilliant idea to have made note of which floor I was on as it was a multi storey.

Wander around, up this floor down that…admiring the contents of peoples cars, and tutting at the mess inside some of them. Hoped to find a tatty one that fits my key, when an ex-student taps on my shoulder. Haven’t seen him for years. He comments that I look lost (so obviously wasn’t in a state of panic…just had my normal face on:D).

“So what make is it?”
No idea? (Why would I need to know the make to be able to drive it:confused:)
“What colour?”
No idea (again, knowing the colour seemed unimportant when it was delivered)
Flash of inspiration “It hasn’t got a normal gear stick!!!”
Took us about an hour. But I found it!!
Well…I think it’s the one I drove there in and the key fitted perfectly.

Do hope I’ve got the right one. Perhaps I should go back to the car park and see if there is another person wandering around looking for a car that has been taken :D
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