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Got through my first weekend okay!


A little of everything!
Well, sort of. I'm going to be totally honest here. As some of you might know, I'm doing this on my own this time (no pharmacist, no-one knowing) due to family & friends thinking I've lost enough, and them HATING the diet. But I want to try and get as close to goal as possible, so am giving it a last whirl to see how I get on. I re-started Friday and did brilliant, loads of fluids, not hungry at all- thought to myself - this is a breeze!
And got home to find my Darling Hubby had organised a surprise birthday dinner & night out with some friends! Arghhh....!!!:mad::eek:
I managed to fudge the dinner saying I'd already eaten and treated him to a chinese (which I didn't touch) which placated him a little. Then I offered to drive to the pub- he was having none of it! So I went. And had a few beers. :break_diet:
I know I 'wasted' my first day, but I didn't have half as many as I would normally, and I couldn't have done myself any harm as I wouldn't have been in ketosis yet.

Saturday morning I woke up and felt like my throat was on fire- had a sore head, and ached all over- not a hangover, but me finally getting the flu that had knocked my girls for six the previous week. On the plus side- I've had NO appetite this last few days and plenty of fluids to ease my throat. It's hard to tell if I'm nearing ketosis as my mouth tastes funny because of the sickness, but I hope so as it's been an easy (if painful!) way to get there! LOL! So I'm 'technically' on day 3 instead of day 4, but so far so good. Lunch today will be tricky as I work with my Mum, but I'm hoping she won't 'recognise' the soup from before! I've been having regular home-made soup for lunch most days, so fingers crossed she won't notice any difference?:wave_cry:
My throat is still really sore (think swallowing glass!) so I'm sipping warm (not hot!) tea to try and ease it. Its working, and keeping my tummy 'full' this cold morning!
Still planning on weighing in Friday morning...
Hope everyones weekend went okay?:)
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A little of everything!
OMG- the size 12 black satin warehouse pencil skirt I ordered as a 'goal' treat has arrived- and it fits perfectly!!!!

I'm in shock...seriously...


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Hmmm so not a good start then irish! :giggle:
Still least you have now got 3 days under your belt ... does hubby not suspect anything yet????

And well done on that skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! swit wooo ;)

My bf has just bought me a satin dress - ordered in a 12 and a 10 ready for xmas and so i am hoping in 4-6 weeks when im at 11st the 10 will fit but im guna try em both on when they arrive and see from there! :)



A little of everything!
LOL! I know!! You'd think he DID know?!

No, he doesn't suspect so far- we're like ships in the night at the minute and I tend to eat at different times to him anyway? The funny thing is- I don't feel guilty 'hiding' it from him, because I know his objections stem from him wanting me to enjoy myself, but what he doesn't 'get' is that being able to fit into my clothes properly, being able to run around after my girls easily, and being able to make him proud when I get dolled up matter to me? And if it takes a few weeks 'starvation' to get there, then I'm prepared to do it? He thinks I look great as it is, and still hasn't 'forgiven' me for- as he say- starving myself and drinking muck- to get this far! LOL!

I am still stunned the skirt fits? I always had a smaller bottom half but a size 12- in a Warehouse fitted skirt?! My boobs will always prevent me from getting into anything smaller than a 12 on top I think? My bra (back & cup!) size hasn't changed a bit even after losing 2+ stone, so I guess I really do have a 'broad' back after all!

You'll be into the 10 in no time!


A little of everything!
My teeth are furry!!!! :giggle::brushing teeth:

BRING IT ON!!!! Who-hoo!!! :character00115: :cross:


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Furry teeth ..... HELLO KETOSIS!!!! :D


A little of everything!
Hee-hee!! :innocent0001: Thats what I'm hoping? It'll make the pain (sore throat) worthwhile! ;)


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wow pencil skirt well done!!! That in itself is an acomplishment.

I don't think you would have done much damage so don't feel bad.

Hope you feel better soon!
Congratulations on getting this far, good luck with the rest of your journey not long to go now eh XXXX

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