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Got Throught My First Day Of Lighterlife


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May I be the first to congratulate you Antal!

I'd love to know how you came to do LL. What lead you there? What's your story?

LL is not like other weight loss programmes. It's extreme (extremely good in my opinion). Just 4 packs a day (if you're female) and 4 litres (at least) of water a day. Nothing else. Stick to that regime and you will soon see the benefits!

I wish you the very best of luck during this 100 days!:)
Thanks for the support guys .
i've tried every diet you can think of but at some stage or other food always use to get the better of me. now with this diet the only thing i have to worry about is what shall i have a soup or a shake and which flavour! cant be bad. i hope i get use to the taste of them though. at the moment apart from the choc one i've been pinching my nose and drinking down as fast as i can get gulping down loads of water to get rid of the taste. uhh!
A friend of my husband did LL and he lost over 8 stone. Actually he is in this months LL mag. If i can just even lose that much i would be happy. Ideally i would like to lose about 9 to10 stone. seems so far away. to think i might ever lose this weight. i have been big all my life i find it difficult to think i could ever be anything else. but i will give it my best shot. ROLL ON DAY 2!......


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Hi Antal and welcome. I wasn't overly keen on the flavours at first but you do get used to them - in fact I quite like most of them now. I also started with 10 stone to lose but with this diet losing even 10 stone doesn't feel like it will take forever and that's what you need to remember to spur you on.

In a couple of days you'll be feeling great as your body will be in ketosis and then you won't feel hungry or anything.

Stick with it.



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Hiya Antal,
welcome to Mini's, and a big well done for getting through day one :D

Hope today is better for you, just keep remembering that it will get easier, first few days are the worst... You'll soon be flying :p
Hi Antal :wavey: I started last wednesday and can definitely say that the first two days are the worst but after that you are flying. I lost 11lb last week and am starting to really enjoy it now, clothes are loosening and people are beginining to notice and complement me. I know there will be other challenges ahead but minimins will be there to help. Check out the April starters thread for lots of other people starting around now. Hang in there - you can do it.

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