Got to give up


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I have not been feeling well over the last few weeks and gp says that it is the cd diet that is the problem. I can't argue with him unless symptoms persist.

I am now looking for a new 'healthy eating plan' to follow.

I have gained 3 lb since stopping cd and that has really pi##ed me off.

I feel very empty and hope i can still stay in touch with all you lovely people even though i'm not on vlcd.

Any suggestions for a diet to follow.
Hi Dawn
Im sorry you have to come off CD,but its best if your GP advises you.The GI diet is meant to be great or you are what you eat,they both give good weight losses quiet fast still?
I love WW for a healthy plan and I find with the points system you can fit it into a 'normal way' of eating/life.
Whatever you decide to do Im sure you'll do well :D


Dawn, this place is for everyone not just people on a VLCD!! Check out the WW, SW, Paul McKenna, GI, WLR sections and see that you're not alone!!! Big {{{HUGZ}}honey cos when the choice is taken away from you, it's no fun but don't give up.
Dawn hun,dont feel pissed off there are so many diets u can follow to lose the last 12 pounds and then adapt them to your every day life.
Have you considered any of the low GI diets which work on the glycemic index.

This site is for every one does not matter what diet u r following or if u have reached goal we are here for everyone and that especially means u.

Dawn you have contributed so much to Minimins and we would all miss you so much so remember we are always here for u no matter what, us cyber friends always stick by each other.

I would not worry about the 3 pound weight gain that is very normal when u have been doing a vlcd then you come off it just carry on drinking your water.

Take care hun,looking forward to chatting to u soon xxx
im sorry you have had the choice taken off you, but the girls have made some great suggestions, good luck in whatever diet you choose,
Ah dear, well dont panic - 12lbs will be off in no time at all...

Maybe WW? at 2 lbs a week you will be there in no time and enjoying a ww eclair now and again :)

Which are 1 1/2 points of pure heaven

I like the idea of Gi diet but dont think i am very good at portion control. Just because a food is low GI surely there are limits to how much to eat?

Thanks for all your kind responses i will pick myself up but i need to settle on a plan cause at the moment just trying to be good, and that spells disaster.

I don't really want to commit to an evening out at WW or SW but wouldn't mind doing it at home.
Sorry to moan to you all i think its the diet and my DS has just gone full time school today and my DD just started pre-school 3 mornings. Very quite indoors and its then i pick !!!!!!!!
Can i ask what your symptoms were?

I mean were they Ketosis related?

Bad stomach cramps and fainting/lightheaded despite loads of water.
Tried 790 for 1 week but no change.
Was ww easy to follow, i have done sw before but fancy a change, i was thinking of getting the book off ebay to give it a go.

Sorry to hear that... am a nosy moo :)

Ah, maybe it was the ketosis?

Hi Dawn,

The symptoms you describe sound like dehydration, lactose intollerance - which can present itself whilst on a VLCD even if you havent had it before or low blood sugar levels.

CD and GI is a good combination. If you definitely want to drop the CD follow the suggestions in the yellow weightcare booklet as these have been devised by one of the top Uk nutritionists.

on 1200 cals 2CD plus food the weightloss is still extremely good plus you are guaranteed 2/3rds of your nutrition from the packs.

CD do have healthy eating plans, a lot of peeps forget that and still only see us as VLCD.

If it is a lactose problem we have 3 lactose free options.

Hope you feel better soon.

Was ww easy to follow

oh god girl it was...very very easy.

I didnt mind the whole points thing. Some people hate it but they do have the no points system now.

Lost weight slowly though but really then i needed to up my activity and i didnt. Lazy moo I am.

Sorry to moan to you all i think its the diet and my DS has just gone full time school today and my DD just started pre-school 3 mornings. Very quite indoors and its then i pick !!!!!!!!

Hi Dawn,

That is what we are here for is to support you through the down times as well as share the up times.

You must follow your doctors advise at all times and as the others have said MiniMins support all diets as no one diet suits everyone and indeed at different times of our lives different diets suit...

Most of us are old hands at this and we know at this stage of our lives it is important to do a diet you both feel well and happy on, otherwise it is difficult for it to work.

After coming off a vlcd it is important not to introduce carbs too quickly as it will fill the glycogen store too fast, it is best to ease yourself back onto carbs and I am sure your CDC or one of the CDC's here can advise you on this...mind you 3lbs. is okay as the body fluctuates around 5lbs. on average at any given time...

It is very emotional when your babies go off to school as it does mark a Big Time in our lives and it is a huge change.

I don't think there is a mum or dad who does not feel this.

So be gentle with yourself and whatever diet plan you decide you have all of us here to support you.


Love Mini xxx
Dawn here is a link to some info on the GI diet.I can understand what u r saying about portion controll but the thing with eating foods that are low on the GI index is that u stay fuller for longer and stops u getting energy slumps like we do when we eat a high carb or processed carb meal.

Welcome to The G.I. Diet - Glycemic Index - Rick Gallop

Hope this helps u,take care and have a good day xx
WW has a no points system now, but that limits the foods you can eat.. might be worth a look. But if not i have heard great things about self control.. I'd have to learn it first i admit, along with the GI diet for knowing what is bad and not so bad! ;)

Good luck!