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    Hi everyone, I'm still here. And to be quite honest Im stupid !
    I have lost 4 and 1/2 stone but i have put back over a stone back on since june/july of this year.
    I dont know what the hell is up with me??:mad:
    At the moment I am eating my meals to the extent of my tummy hurting and then my head is saying eat more, I dont wanna eat more, what the hell is happening to me .- Ive had enough, over the last month or so i have had time off work , so has hubby - as son cant go to daycare cos of snow, every week now i have to stay in the house for 2 and half days cos its too cold for son to go out. Im just eating crap and garbage ( just had 3 slices full fat white bread with butter and a omelette, followed by a areo mousse followed by a bag of nik naks !!. Im stuffed but still my head is saying ... perhaps i should have some fruit .... you need fruit .. Its like a demon !!. Im addicted to food.
    Why the hell am i doing this .. I know ive put weight on cos my coat is straining - i dont wanna go back to how i was. but at this rate im gonna be 'fat ' again in less than a year.
    Im thinking of going to docs to see if i can get some appetite supressants cos i cant see any way out of this mess.
    I just wanna stop eating.
    Any help people ??
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  3. time2bslim

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    I have done this about 5 times - lost 2 stone and then regained it - I don't know what the answer is - just wanted to offer you some support, you have done so exceptionally well - you must feel great about the weight loss - and beating yourself up over the gain.

    Try very very hard (probably the wrong time of year though) to write everything down - be honest - and look at what it is you are eating and then work out all the syns in it and the SW food way - maybe then you'll suddenly think - I could have swapped such and such for such and such and maybe - JUST maybe you'll get back on track. Apart fro mthe Christmas period try not to buy any thing else in the house other than SW foods?

    REALLY hope that you do get back on track. Have a good Christmas and I wish you all the luck in the world.

    Gilly x
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  4. ColJack

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    Slimming World
    I know where you're comming from..

    I did WW a few years ago after a palpitation scared the crap out of me at work ( my heart skips a beat or two every now and then for some reason.. )..
    I got down to 25st9..
    The work moved so I was getting back late and one week I had a bad week and got some chips on the way home one night and then just gave up..

    When I went to SW in september I was mortified when I got on the scales and weighd in at 33st 5....

    I'm back down into the 28's now and intend to keep to it this time..
    It helps that if I want a chicken kebab, I can have one and not feel as though I've failed like I did on WW..

    The easiest solution ( and one which you can't probably do because of the others in the house ) is to get rid of anything really bad and just buy in the healthy stuff..

    you can eat until you're stuffed if it's the right stuff..
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  5. *Emsie*

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    What I love about being a food addict myself is that I can always eat something. It may not be exactly what I'd like to eat but its something and there are lots of tasty things that can be had. Is there a way you can limit the not so good things around you so it helps with the temptation? I know at this time of year it is especially difficult!
    How about ways of distracting yourself...paint your nails (hard to eat with nail varnish on) mop the kitchen floor (harder to get to the fridge) have a bath, bit of pampering etc
    Write a list of the pros and cons of why you /should/shouldn't/do/don't want to eat the things?

    Do anything you can to get back on track with the amazing weight loss you have had! Sounds like you have lost over 3 stone at the moment and it must have taken a lot to get to the 4 and a half stone milestone so don't feel stupid you can do it you have done it!
    Hope you can find what it takes to get to a place where you are not so cross with yourself and going in the direction you want to go! xxxx
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