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gotta stop buying "bars"..

I'd stop buying them. I don't have any chocs in the cupboard at all.
Just buy what you want the day you are having a treat.
I cannot trust myself for sure!!
Know what you mean, if its there it seems to be calling your name in those weak moments when you are scrating around for a nice sw friendly treat!!
I stopped buying them too or just got one box and told myself once they'd gone that, that was it. I also stopped buying the hi-fi bars cos I'd eat them all one after the other :s Lethal!!! X


Addicted to Cheese
Ooo i know that feeling with hifi and alpen bars, for the syns you can have chocolate or wine! lol When i first did sw every week, without a doubt one woman would eat 4 hifi bars while everyone else was getting weight and didnt understand why she wasnt loosing...

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Me too! Wish I'd never read about popping them in the microwave x
.... i have two boxes of alpen lights being delivered tomorrow from asda.... :eek:

Trying to be good, but i know how you're feeling they are loooovely's.

The microwave sounds like a gooey piece of heaven. Oh god now I'm drooling and I just did the shopping for the week.
I used to be terrible with hifi bars, so I just don't buy them now. I'd have one in class (after not eating since lunch, in preparation for WI!), then another when I got home while I was waiting for my dinner to be ready, then another one after dinner. I just can't trust myself with them!!

I just don't buy things like that now, then if I want a treat I have to actually think about it, and decide whether it's worth the 2 mile walk to the shop and back. If i do venture up to the shop, I generally feel good about walking and by the time i'm there I only buy a low-syn treat. Where as if I stayed at home with snacks around, I probably would've ended up on a kitchen safari!!


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EEEK I bought some today - I've never had them before (the Alpen light bars that is). I bought them to have as HexB it's 2 for a Hex right?

I'm wondering if I should have bought them now!
yeah, 2 is a HE!
I love alpen and Hi Fi bars!! so far I have not over indulged on them but if it starts I will have to stop getting them.

A lady at my meeting last week ate 3 and said she ate 4 on her way home the following week
4 alpen lights is 10 syns thats amost a whole chocolate bar! much more enjoyable like karen said! Im trying to use my syns on things i want not think i want ;)

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
ColJack said:
microwave??? now I'm intrigued... do spill...
Yep pop it in for 15 - 30 secs... This works best with the chocolate and fudge ones!

Thank goodness I am all out,,, hahah!

slickers said:
warmed in microwave they are lush on top fruit and muller feels so naughty but not if HEB
Only discovered them with yog yesterday ... Yumm x
Ela ine said:
Yep pop it in for 15 - 30 secs... This works best with the chocolate and fudge ones!

Thank goodness I am all out,,, hahah!

Only discovered them with yog yesterday ... Yumm x
That sounds so lush, I can't get enough of those bars... Yummy yum :)

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