GP says no more SS for me ...


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I've been having dizzy spells whenever I stand up for the last few days, so I called my friend Gill (thecdthing) and my CDC and they both said get to my GP since I am on high bp tablets.
Well my GP is out of town until next week, so I saw another one(I had to explain the whole CD dieting thing) she checked me, and my bp, and said I needed to up my cals, my bp was still high so it's not my meds.
Hmmmm ....
Called my CDC when I got in and she said go on 790, and I asked if I could just do AAM for now (at least until my regular GP gets back from holiday and I can discuss this with a doctor who knows me)
So .... I'll be doing AAM for a while ... I don't fancy 790 (too much meat for me).

On the good side I did lose 3 pounds on AAM week last time, and haven't lost more than that since, so maybe it's a good thing.

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Hi there :)
I had to do exactly the same, and I have to say I'm feeling so much better than I was the first month.

Hope the AAm goes well for you :)

Kitty x


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Hi Lisa
We must have started about the same time! You're going great guns! Hope AAM helps the dizziness, as a fellow high BP sufferer I can empathise! Fingers crossed for you! x So glad it worked for you kitty - love the ticker and wow - lookie at how you're doing too! Between us we've lost - ooherr... LOADS!!! :D


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Hi Lisa
i am just starting week 4 of CD & when on week 2 i had a really tough time with not only the hunger but like you i was having dizzy spells, when getting out the bath or standing up too quick etc,& like you also have high bp (on meds) i resorted to eating & took myself out of ketosis.
the only person i told was my buddies on fat happens & eventually my hubby. My hubby persuadede me to carry on till next weigh in ( i think cos i am good at quitting & he could see this was working for me) so carry on i did, & am thankfull i did, the dizzyness passed of, i checked my bp at work & it was ok.
thats just how it worked for me, do whats right for you & on AAM you'll still lose.
Good luck & keep us posted how you get on