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GP's diary

Hi, so, a bit about me: 24 years old, over 20 stone, bmi of 56, only 5` tall. My husband and i want to start a family and losing the weight will help with that. I currently wear a size 28 and want to be in a size 18.

I work in an office as a debt collector for a huge german company that operates partly in the UK.

I suffer with depression and hopefully losing some of this weight will help me there too.

I've always been heavy and our entire family are big, recent doctors results suggest that despite my bmi i am prety healthy, only slightly low blood pressure is a problem.

Right now i feel sluggish, tired, unattractive and unmotivated in most things, but i am eager to get started with Slim Fast.

I'm going to be doing the full 3-2-1 diet on slimfast but may use some other brand meal replacements too, probably tesco or sainsburys if i can find one there.

My weight loss journey begins on the 14th of january. Wish me luck.

My weigh in day is on fridays so i'll probably update then.

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Thank you, i'm kinda nervous and really excited!
No, i haven't but some of my family members have.

I've tried calorie controlled, fat controlled and carb controlled diets before and i was also put on orlistat (which gave me awful headaches) the only one that worked was low carb but i ended up putting it all back on fairly quickly.
So, today i picked up a can of the chocolate shake, it's delicious! Only problem is that right now it's leaving me quite hungry, to be fair i've only had one shake and i haven't snacked...in truth i haven't eaten properly today at all, i'm on weird hours at work right now and it's thrown me completely.

Tomorrow it begins properly.

I also discovered that sainsburys basics seafood sticks are only 16 calories each! Winner, i can have 6 of them as a snack if i want.
Bananas aren't an option in this house, unfortunately my husband is extrodinarily allergic to them, even if i pick one up and then put it back down, even an hour later, touching his skin will cause massive hives.

Shame really, i like bananas.


Losing the baby fat
You could try any other fruit as long as you pick a mushy one.
shame about his alergy! Is it something in the skin?

Lots of luck hun. Are you taking progress photos? I have but I'm keeping them for my eyes only for a good while till I can see I've made progress. One of my aims is to have my photo taken with my daughter... as it stands I don't have one decent photo of us together, which I'm sad about. I would have loved mother and baby pics.
Soon though...soon! x
So, first full day and i'm ravenous, i think i'm still having some scheduling problems with my snacks beacuse of my funny hours. I'll figure it out.

I've made a nice long list of tasty sounding 100 cal snacks which will be easy to take to work with me. Just need to pick up the ingredients.

I don't get dinner until after 8pm and i start work at 10am which is causing me to get a bit muddled.
Hi Your doing really good. Working through the hunger bit is so hard. I did the Slim Fast years ago and lost 4 stone, so hopefully it will work for us this time ( I was working shifts then). The good news is it is on offer at the moment. Keep going.
I was naughtly today and weighed myself before my scheduled day.

I've lost 4.5 pounds! I am super psyched!

Getting pas tthe hunger pangs has been hard, but when i think about it i havne't been depriving myself of food volume-wise, i think it's mostly in my mind, i'm on a diet, therefore i must be hungry, today it wasn't so bad.

I've also been exercising much more restrint than i thought i had! I've had a little mantra of "i'm not hungry, i just think i am" and it's worked.

One of my fave easy snacks has been couscous, tuna, low-cal cream cheese with herbs and garlic. I make enough for two snacks and have half each time on two of my breaks at work.

I've been having little treats ehre and there too, a small slice of my hubby's home made low-cal apple cake and so on.

I'm loving this!
That is brilliant, 4.5 is fantastic. Looks like you are eating very well. I know this may sound silly but at night I brush my teeth earlier than I would normally so that I will not eat any more, this has a knock on effect my hunger goes away!
So, i fell off the wagon for a week and now i've been dieting in earnest for about 3 weeks. Weighed myself this morning.

I've lost ten pounds! I am so pleased, i'm not even folowing the plan 100% i'm replacing some shakes with low-cal meals and loving it!

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