Granose meat-free Chicken Roast


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Just wondering if someone can help me work out the Syn value in this for a Green Day. I've looked it up in the Directory but can't find it and don't have Syns Online.

Biggest ingredient is textured soya protein (49%)

Per 100g cooked:
158 cal, 10.6g protein, 10g carb, 8.4g fat (eek!), 3.2g fibre.

Whole thing is 429g cooked so would like to know syns in whole thing please!

Thank you for any help :)
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S: 19st10.5lb C: 17st0.5lb G: 13st10lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 2st10lb(13.74%)
Comes out at 11.5 syns on green for the 429g


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S: 17st2lb C: 16st2.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st13.5lb(5.63%)
Funny, I was trying to work this out on the syn calculator and couldn't decide whether or not to count the textured soya protein as a free food. IIRC, tvp is only free if its made from low fat soya? Or something like that?


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Yippee!! Just checked my SW book and it says that TVP made with defatted soya is free food :) so I will assume that the 4 syns per portion is about right.


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S: 16st5lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st10lb(10.48%)
4 syns per portion is what I worked this out as last time I had it. Very very tasty too. I used to like it with mashed carrot and swede and braised red cabbage. Mmmmmm.


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S: 69.9kg C: 64.41kg G: 51.71kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 5.4kg(7.79%)
So pleased I searched and found this old thread as I have half a pack of this and for 4 syns will be a welcomed treat tonight!