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I love these! :D most of the punnets are really yummy (I loved the black pepper cashews). I also really liked how you can totally exclude certain foods/punnets. Really friendly company and when one box never arrived they sent a free one, no probs.
Ooh havent tried those ones yet! They sound great tho. I really like the almonds cherries and dark choc ones. Theyr amazing. Yeah seems like a really friendly company. I wouldnt say the boxes are overpriced either!
I've been looking at them an debating :) it all looks so good!!! Is it 100/200 cals per box or per section full? And how does everyone work their counting for random nibbling on graze goodies lol

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I saw a get one free link somewhere today so signed up for it. It lets you choose what you don't want sending to you so I used My Fitness Pal to see which things I thought I did not want to waste my calories on (like the flapjacks and like I would never use 200 cals for some seeds!) and put that I didn't want them :) The nuts look yummy though. Would be good for days that I'm not using up my cals.
i used to have these quite regularly but now just once in a while as I found punnets of seeds building up in my cupboard lol!

Faves are the foccacias, the mixes,and the nuts (had cinnamon ones lately and they were lush!)
Every box comes with a leaflet giving you the nutritional info for each food, including the calories. I love Beach Bum mix and the one with dried strawberries! There's tiny bits of choc in some of the fruit mixes, making them healthy but a tiny bit indulgent.


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Had a look at the site but feel it's not good value for money.
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I ordered Graze boxes (the dried fruit, not fresh) for about a year, but recently I've cancelled.

1) They're expensive. It's better to go into a health food shop or supermarket and pick up five or six bigger bags of stuff, which would last you ten times longer at the same cost.

2) I found they made my calories creep up. Some boxes are 250 calories, and there's really not a whole lot to them. Perhaps the fresh fruit boxes are better, as there's more to them?

I understand there are two schools of thought regarding snacking/no snacking. I think it's down to what suits you. And personally, if I snack - even healthy snacking - it just blurs the lines between when I should and should not eat, making it harder for me to stay on track.
Yea i do kinda agree cherrypie. Im not hugely into snackin either as i think it throws me off. I v found im mostly using the boxes as part of my lunch.

I just got my free box and it is so nice so far. Got this one with blueberry yoghurt raisins in them. Yum!
I got my free box today too and got :

Cheddar Focaccia - 120kcal
vanilla cherry frangipane - 196kcal .. eek!
dark rocky road - 176 kcals (has chocolate in so justified in kcals and a good treat)
wasapea - 122 kcals.. like this because I can never buy a big back and just eat a few and this is great portion control for me.

I do wish though that they put the nutritional information on their site so we can make the decision on what we want based on that.

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