Grazing or set meals


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I'm a grazer... though I always bring containers of chopped up fruit and stuff to snack on during the day at work. And things like carrot sticks, radishes, cucumber, etc. I also have my Hex things like Alpen Light bars and Babybel Light cheeses... but I couldn't live without snacking. And I still lose weight. I think the trick is to try and snack on super-free foods if poss.

Though theoretically you can eat any of the free foods you want, logic would suggest that eating the lower calorie ones will yield a better weight loss.


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I love to graze too, will try to eat when hungry as you suggest and hope for the best


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I'm a bit of a grazer but try to only graze on fruit/yogurts/carrots in between meals. Although I do often have two hex a alpen light bars with my bedtime cocoa!


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I have 3 main meals and then munch on fruit, salad and Muller Lights in between. I also have my HeBs as snacks.