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Great docu BBC1 Now


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10 things you need to know about slimming on now!

Interesting programme all about slimming on BBC1 now.



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Thx...would watch but hubby has the bleeding footie on!


Is so very nearly there!
Im sky + it!

Update all info tho! x


Gone fishing
I've just started watching it. OMG, they've been reading my diary :eek::eek::eek:

Can't believe it :D


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Really interesting isn't it! Especially the woman that underestimated her daily calorie intake by nearly double!

Making me hungry watching this.... ;)


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im not even allowed in the living room im on pc oh is scared i might talk wjile the footie is on fill us in on any helpfull stuff wont you phil x


Getting there slowly

opps just missed it , but I have just been out for a 45 min walk. I will see if i can get it on iplayer later.


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Eat more soup! Keeps you full for longer. So we need protein full soups by the sounds of it ;)


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I'm banished to the computer while the footy is on. I shall watch it as soon as it's on iplayer. (I hate MU I'm dyed in the wool Leeds Utd! Well someone has to be!)


Mad old Bat with Attitude
What have we missed? Please say it isn't football? You obviously meant Springwatch didn't you? ;)

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