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Great New Low Carb Recipes!

:D So i'm new to the forum, only posted a few times but here goes.

I started lighterlife lite on the 1st Feb and so far have lost 9lbs, (weigh-in tomorrow so finger's crossed)

I'm not gonna lie, i've lapsed a few times but not too seriously. First week I stuck to it 100%, second week I was almost there but got myself into a situation surrounded by free food and I was hungry so had a few chips and a sausage and had one night where I had some wine and soda water. Luckily I still lost a bit, but may have affected this week as I don't think I will have lost much tomorrow.

Anyway, more to the point of the thread...

I was never much of a cook, and must admit I've become obsessed with cooking and discovering foods since joining lighterlife.

I always mix things up so I don't get bored of having simply chicken breast and veg (for example).

I discovered a great substitute to rice for all those who love and miss rice with their food.


It really is the best thing since sliced bread.
All you do is cut the cauliflower into florets and stick them in a food processor using the grating blade OR simply do it manually and use a grater which is what I use. (the bigger bladed side of the grater not the tiny ones) The result is cauliflower in a rice like constituency. :D

You can make it with whatever you like, with a chicken or lamb curry, on its own with a protein portion, or my favourite as egg fried rice.

It's so low in calories its ridiculous but tastes great, if not better, than the oil dripping chinese-takeaway that we all know and love but makes us bloated.

Saturday night, I made 'Pork Egg Fried Rice'
amazing... so good I wanted to pack it into a box and send my mum some to try!

You get your daily intake from the 1/2 portion of lean pork, and a medium egg, veg (particularly the cauliflower rice) and fats from the 1 cal oil spray etc.

If anyone would like to know the recipe and ingredients, let me know and I will write them down for you.

I promise you, once you've reached your goal, you won't want to return to normal rice!



I discovered the aubergine. (well not me, but I discovered it and incorporated it into my diet :p)

Who misses pizza??? ME!

Who can have a low calorie healthy pizza??? EVERYONE.

Last night, I made for the first time, Aubergine Pizza Slices - to be exact, a new yorker with bacon, mushroom and onions with mozerella cheese.

I was so excited and cannot wait to have it again and maybe try it with tuna and mozerella.

Again, for the recipe just ask and I will write it all down.

Hope you all are doing great on your journey's and not struggling too much.:)


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recipes would be great - like the sound of the "rice"
Egg Fried Pork Rice: I'll add a picture next time I make it

What I used:

Half your daily portion of lean pork meat (diced)
1 medium head of cauliflower
1 carrot
Half an Onion
1 medium egg
1 clove chopped garlic
Maggi liquid seasoning
1 cal olive oil spray
2-3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 cup of small broccolli florets
Half a cup of peas
Chinese Five Spice
Flavour stock, like chicken, pork or beef, (I sprinkled a little of chicken to flavour the rice but its optional)


To make the cauliflower rice, you will need a grater or you can use a food processor with a grating blade if you have one.

1) Remove all the outbits of the cauliflower and cut into florets and grate the florets with the larger blades until all is done and in a rice like form. Then put aside.

2) Chop the garlic, and onions and carrots and brocolli(OPTIONAL and into tiny florets or large, depending how you want it)

3) Add 1cal olive oil spray (enough to cover wok)

4) Add the pork(i usually season the meat first with s&p and thyme, with a bit of maggi) and stir fry for about 8 minutes till browned

5) Then add the garlic and onions and stir fry for about 1min

6) Add the chopped carrots, peas and brocolli and fry for another 2mins

7) Add the cauliflower rice and mix all together for a minute

8) Add 2-3 tbsp of soy sauce and few drops of maggi seasoning (and chicken or pork stock cubes -OPTIONAL) S&P and mix

9) Sprinkle a generous amount of chinese five spice over the rice and mix in well for another 3-4 minutes

10) Now push all the rice to one side of the wok leaving a small space for the egg (or use the middle of the wok)

11) Add a spray or two of the 1cal oilive oil and scramble the egg (can add a drop of milk if you like) and pour into the empty side of the wok and let it scramble

12) Once scambled mix together all the contents in the pan

And voila! A delicious, healthy low carb alternative to chinese take away in minutes! (In my opinion it tastes better :p)


Hope you all try it out and enjoy, let me know how it goes :D

p.s. I'm not a cook or ever written a recipe down so if you cooking experts out there notice any fundamental mistakes feel free to let me know or ask as I just wrote out how I did it.

NOTE: You can be creative with the cauliflower rice, and lightly fry it with some peas or on its own as a side dish to any curry or stew. Makes a great replacement to rice.


Aubergine Pizza Slices: (one of my favourites!)

What I used:

1 Aubergine (the bigger and fatter the better)
Tomato puree paste
Low fat Mozerella (sainsbury's have a 'be smart' range and it was something like 50kcal per 30g)
OR low fat grated cheese 30g
1 portion of bacon
Mushroom slices (however many you like on your pizza toppings)
Half a small onion
1cal olive spray
Italian herbs
S&P to taste


1) Wash and cut the ends off the aubergine then slice lengthwise (or you can have them circular, lengthways makes it more pizza like), peeling only the sides of the aubergine so that no skin is left on the end slices just around the edges

2) Place the slices into a sieve and pour salt over them to drain them of water as they hold a lot of water. Cover with a paper towel and place a tin can or something similar on top to help drain the water. Leave for about 30minutes.

3)***Pre-heat the oven to a medium heat (I dont have temperatures on my oven so I put it on about mark 5/6) or 150 in the grill

4) Lightly rinse the salt and with a paper towel soak any water on the surface

5) Place onto a baking tray and using the 1cal olive spray, spray a few times over each slice and add some italian herbs.
Turn them over and repeat.

6) Place them into the oven or grill ***(I first put them into them into the oven but it was very slow in browning them so I put them in the grill instead for few minutes each side) Until they are brown

7) Whilst they are in the grill or oven, cut the bacon into small pieces and fry them in a pan with about 1 or 2 sprays of the 1cal olive spray along with the mushrooms until nice and brown. I added the chopped onions half way through as I wanted them almost fresh on my pizza but do it as you like, or even without onions

Also if you prefer not to fry, you can microwave or grill the bacon and boil the mushrooms

8) Take out the aubergines and spread a generous amount of tomato puree paste over each slice

9) Add the toppings, the bacon, mushrooms and onion then add the mozzerella slices or grated cheese on top

10) Place back into the grill or oven and cook until the cheese is melted

Dish out and enjoy! Your healthy, delicious aubergine pizza slices

You can add whatever toppings you like to it that are allowed from the list, I will try these next with tuna and cheese.

Let me know how these go! :D




One last chance

will be returning ;)
I made the egg fried cauliflower rice with pork last night and it was delicious - thank you v much for the recipe! The only thing I didn't include was the peas as I couldn't see them in my book - are peas ok to have?

Will definitely be making it again :)

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