greek freak :) moussaka ish ....


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Great main or as part of 'greek plate' -

For a typical greek mezze, add :
tzatziki - 0% greek yoghurt, fresh garlic, lemon juice and cucumber tiny diced. remove all the seedy innerds from the cucumber or your tzatziki will turn to watery uugghh. The innerds make a nice nibble while you cook )

Stuffed vine leaves (like Tesco deli counter ones) 38g each - 1 1/2 syns per vine leaf.

Olives in brine - 8 for 1 syn (use some lemon rind to pop a bit in each olive for a really authentic greek taste).

So - the moussaka ish dish... pre heat your oven 180 ish -

5% pork mice, (bout 200g is enough but use more if you like)
2 large aubergines - no need to peel
Tomatoes, onion, grated carrot
Tiny pinch of cinnamon
oregano, basil, thyme (dried or fresh)
Dash of black pepper.

Cut aubergine lengthways - scoop out and keep the flesh - the seedy looking bits are fine - don't bin them. Set aubergines to one side.
No need for spay oil - sautee in non stick pan all the ingredients including the scooped out aubergine fleshy stuff - - onion first then add pork mince, herbs and then the rest of it except the feta. edim heat just to cook it off for 5 - 10 mins.
Spoon this mixture into your aubergine shells n oven bake - after 20 mins, top with the feta - ten more mis and your ready to dine!!!

Enjoy, and say 'yammas' with Retsina Greek white wine (syn counted of course!)

Then sod the washing up - smash the plates, head off to bed n worry bout the mess in the morning :)
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This sounds great. Love greek food. On the meal plan this week.


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So I made this. Had already had my healthy extra A earlier in the day so instead of the feta I mixed together an egg, 1/3 cup cottage cheese and 1/3 cup fromage frais. Poured the mix over the meat mixture and put it in the oven. Scrummy.