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Green Coffee


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Has anyone tried the new Green Blend Coffee from Nescafe? I love it. It's made green and roasted beans and has health supporting antioidants in it. I wonder if it's the same as green tea? Anyway, its nice. I obviously drink it black and doesn't seem as strong as usual black coffee. Just thought I'd mention it if anyone likes the 'good factor' you get from green tea - maybe worth a try.
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Never even heard of it, but anything new to drink is always good! Does it taste 'green' like green tea does, or does it just have a weaker coffee flavour? xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
I think it is just a weaker coffee, but saying that my sister who has milk and sweetener in hers says it tastes 'creamier' ???? If you make it in a white cup/mug you can see the green liquid around the edges. I can stomach green tea but don't really enjoy it, whereas I actually enjoy a cup of this. Try it, its nice. It's on offer at Morrisons at the moment for £2


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I do tend to be a little cynical about these 'claims'. It's not that they are necessarily wrong, but they can often mislead people.

For one thing, normal coffee has something like 4x more antioxidents than tea, so even if it was 'green' it's possible healthier (in terms of antiox anyway).

It appears that 'normal' coffee has many health benefits, tea has others, green tea has others, and probably green coffee has others. So I guess the best thing is to have a bit of all of them and we'll live forever ;)


Skinny girl in a fat body
Totally agree - a little bit of what you fancy does you good eh? :)

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