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Green days & Natural fat burners

hi guys i have experimented alot with natural fat burning foods & different carbs to help speed my weight loss.

i avoid white rice & white pasta now.
replaced with beans, broad beans, black eye beans etc

the white pasta & rice was what was slowing my weight loss on green days. they bloat me up & after reading about this i found they hold alot of water.

i love white rice & pasta but
Once i done this my weight loss on green days was the same as when i do red days!

fat burners, natural diuretics

Garlic, onions, hot chillies, apple cider vinegar, nettle tea & green tea, black coffee no sugar.

For me, hot chillies are the most powerful natural weight loss aid when i cycle red & green days.

keep motivated.
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Yip agree with white pasta and rice. I have replaced all my pasta and rice with the wholewheat variety and tbh I don't notice a difference. The only other thing I heard was that basmati rice is ok, can't remember why but must be to do with the type of grain it is. And chilli definitely, I love chilli!! Cheers for the tips x
I think i'm the only one that doesn't get bloated and can eat a pack of pasta in a week and still have great losses!
Hi silly sausage i cant remember the last time i had brown rice or pasta, i will try the wholeweat thanks for that.

anyone like onions,garlic?
its a shame garlic & onions smell so much because they break up fat & flush them out your system.

i tried 1 week of eating 1 whole onion & 2 cloves of garlic per day.
i lost 6lb & i was drinking about 5 ltrs of water per day. it dries you out alot.

but the smell is too much. :-0
QualityBrittany - Im always dumbfounded by this bloating business as well! I guess everyones digestion is different and what might work for one, doesnt for someone else. Infact, brown rice makes me feel weird and bloated! I still eat it but maybe my body is telling me something...:confused:

I literally have chilli on everything, I carry a bottle of tabasco in my handbag.
I eat muchmore chilli, onions and garlic than you're suggesting GreenDayBoy and I don't get that sort of losses.

On an average day I would eat at least 2 whole onions (one in my lunch and one in dinner) and most dinners with sauces will have 2 nor 3 jumbo cloves of garlic. I also eat at least 1-2 chillies a day- I usually grow my own.

I'm latina so perhaps that's why it has little to no effect!


A happy downward spiral
I got my hubby to pick up wholewheat pasta for dinner after reading this. It tastes exactly the same.
I never really thought it would be different than white pasta for bloating etc...
shrimpy 2 onions per day, wow! do onions still dry you out? i was drinking water like crazy, but i only ate them for a week like that with garlic. being latina you must be well use to it now!!

i do eat alot of hot chillies, everyday i eat them with everything.
i think im addicted to chillies!

i made a hot chilli sauce today with quark cheese (free)
chopped chillies
black pepper
Nope,onions don't dry me out.... or at least I haven't noticed it! LOL
Thanks very much!
Im only on my first week and have eaten lots of rice and pasta :S
Will avoid in the future- is wholegrain ok?



Hey Ruth :)

Everybody is different. If you like rice and pasta, eat them. If they disagree with you then perhaps find alternatives.

I eat loads of rice and pasta and they have not done my loss any harm, but that's just me. Good luck with your SW journey.
lol hey when i eat 1 whole onion it really dehydrates me. running back & forth to the toilet!

i had a red day today
i had 2 chicken breasts, sliced them in the middle
i stuffed the hot chilli quark in the chicken breasts
and smothered some on top.
then i put them in the oven. very tasty.

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