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Green days = stuffed feeling days


I will succeed!!!
I always feel full to the brim on green, i usually do original so all of the carb overload bloats me.

I only tend to do green at a miximum of 2 times per week. I also really struggle to eat my syns on a green day because im too full!


Slow but sure....
I notice that too, I usually do a couple of green days a week and the rest red, I suppose it's all the extra carb's that we eat on a green day...
I agree Donnie, i think the carbs are that filling you dont desire anything else after you have used your free food allowance on things like pasta, rice etc.
hi everyone, i've just started on the extra easy plan but it doesnt feel like im really dieting! is this normal? i seem to still be eating rather a lot and worrying about it - even though my lists say that certain foods are free. suppose it just takes some getting used to?!


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do you have to do green days? is it a must.

im almost ready to start slimming world, however i am anticipating a lot of red days, i eat chicken levery single day of my life.


Starting Again!
You can do whichever plan you like in any rotation you like, for eg I only do green days, never done a red/EE day in the 6 years I've been on and off SW.

The idea is to eat and eat until you are full, then stop. The world has been giving you misconceptions about dieting all these years, trust the SW plans - it works!

This is one of the reasons I don't do green. i have only just started to introduce the odd one or two just to have a change. carbs bloat me and make me feel uncomfortable.

Phil x


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so i can base my future on all red days and loose weight?....incredible...


Starting Again!
Absolutely! Everyone is different and everyones bodies work different with different plans, so you might have great loss' or they might be a bit slower, but you will definately lose!

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