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Some do some don't. Veggies just follow green and lose weight still! It is down to you which day to follow. I hate messing about first thing in the morning so i have 2 weetabix with sliced banana on the top. Which is 1 HB and HA for my milk :)


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I rarely do red days as I don't lose so much on them but it's whatever suits you. I eat loads of pasta so the greens are more my thing
I personally prefer green days, but as I carry my weight around my stomach and I tend to lose slower on green, my trainer has suggested more red days and no carbs in the evening (well all food has carbs but meaning no extra potatoes, rice etc)

However there are loads of people who do fine on more green days so it's really trial and error :)

I usually have the same breakkie on green and red days, yoghurt, fruit and oats, on the weekends on a red day I will have bacon and eggs, yummy!

Um i sometimes have all green weeks and lose loads and sometime i have red and i lose.

Do what YOU prefer.....but they say red days tend to have quciker losses, others would disagree

Ruthy xxx


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I think it depends on the individual. I don't seem to digest meat so fast and that's why I avoid the red days, but that's just me
Ive never had a green day - but like the other threads say its down to personal preference really. But i always have cereal for my brekkie and have it as my HEA and my HEB (except on a weekend) xxx
Hi Everyone

Thanks for all your advice, I will prob do green the most as I am finding it easier to sort out what I am having for lunches like pasta salad and cous cous. May try the odd red day and see how i go on. Will keep you posted x
I need therapy after a red day IT FREAKS ME OUT!
Ruthy xxx
steph - i've not heard anything about the weight around the stomach loosing slower on green - can you tell me more? I carry most of my weight round the tummy too!!!

Hi Funkykat

When I went in to get started with the trainer, she measured fat from all over :eek: which was SOO not nice and she asked me what were some of my goals and one was to lose my stomach (lower tummy) and told her that I can lose from everywhere but have a problem loosing my tummy and have never had kids. She said that people who store weight there tend to have a lot of stress and that is why fat stores there, and also that people who do have that problem typically have intolerances to carbs. She said to have carbs during the day when I most need the energy and not to eat them at dinner. Now all foods have some carbs but what she meant was not to eat pasta, rice, bread, potatoes etc with dinner. I will try to do an 80/20 type thing as I love my carbs, so will try to only have carbs with dinner like 2 nights a week to see if this does the trick. I will keep you posted


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