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Green Tea-Does it work?

Ive just had my first cup! Just wondering does it work-speed up weightloss?:rolleyes:
I tend to drink it at work and I don't know if it works but it sure makes me wee a lot:8855::8855:

I have the chinese tea leaves and they do take some getting used to but now, just like a normal cuppa for me.
I just have the tea bags are they just as good?? Do they count??
Ah yeah, I'm sure they must be just as good.

I only have the leaves because it was a friend who introduced me to it and thats what she drank.
ohhhhhhhh more tips/ideas!!

What does green tea do then to help weight loss?? I HATE tea, so drinking it would not be an option, but could do the tablet idea if it works ;)


shrinking granny
Green Tea
A native of the rainy forests of Southest Asia. Green tea and black tea come from the same plant, but green tea is less processed so more of the original plant substances survive in this herb such as polyphenols. Green tea helps to maintain and control weight when combined with a healthy diet and exercise and also helps to protect the insulin producing gland. In combination with physical activity, Green Tea also helps to reduce blood pressure thereby contributing to a healthy cardiovascular system.


shrinking granny

Product #003131
100 Capsules 315mg

this is what I take but, have just noticed these.

Product #027634
120 Capsules

might give them a try. will report back after a few weeks.


Keep on Truckin'
For the last few weeks I've been drinking normal tea in the morning (can't give it up, it's too British!) and then green tea with mint in the afternoons/evenings. I must have about 5 mugs a day.

I don't think it has many any difference to my weightloss, however, it is a very refreshing drink and if all the health benefits are to be believed then at least I know it's doing me some good one way or another!
I drink green tea and have moved onto green coffee as well which is really nice. I honestly dont think it does a thing for weight loss though
Thanks guys! sounds good for you then even if it doesnt help with weight loss...Ive had another cup this morning too. x


Always comes back to MMs!
I drink Dr Stuarts Slim Plus Tea, it tastes like green and has fennel in it, supposed to help supress the appetite (sure its a myth, I have been eating less but I think my tummy has just shrunk!), but hey ho, I like drinking it and it keeps me peeing lol...!


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