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Green Tea


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Has anyone tried drinking this to boost weight loss?

Twinnings green tea is on offer at Asda so I picked up a box yesterday to give it a go.

(Tried to do a search on this, but the search filter doesn't pick up the word 'tea' as it's too short, and funnily enough 'green' is quite a common word on these forums!!)
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hiyer, i did try green tea, but, couldn't get on with it, although i have completely cut out caffine. I have decaffinated tea and coffee, and feel so much better;)


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apparently Sophie Dahl thanks green tea for her weight loss. Have to be a bit sceptical about that given that she probably had a nutritionist and personal trainer to go along with her green tea.

It is said to raise the metabolism though.
It is an aquired taste! You do get used to it. I used to drink it a lot years ago and have just started to introduce it back into my diet. I have had a bad week so far (lots of socialising and not much exercise!) so i'm hoping 3 cups a day from now until Wednesday will give me a bit of a boost! I'm going to have a proper green tea challenge next week :)

I have the decaffinated one btw, Asda's own.
green tea with lemon is yummy, I have been drinking 5-6 cups a day for the last week or so. I am getting headaches, which i assume is the caffine withdrawl. Other then that, i find it much more refreshing
I have tried green tea but weirdly it either makes me really nauseous or even physically sick. Don't know why, just doesn't agree with me I guess. But it is very good for you so give it ago- I think I'm just a bit weird :p
Hi I gave up regular tea about 7 years ago and turned to green tea, I had to go through several makes to find one that tastes good. Taylor's is really nice especially the Lemon and mint. My top tip for drinking green tea is to make sure you have eaten beforehand or it can make you feel sick (well it does me).
Saying all that I have not had any recently so will start this week. When I did WW I used it and I really think it helped my weight lose, I had got to a plateau and someone suggested it.
Thanks all!! I've never been a tea drinker, but tried it yesterday for the first time and found it absolutely fine to taste - did add a couple of sweeteners though, don't know if that's the 'done thing' or not with green tea!!

Saw a couple of flavoured ones, grapefruit and pineapple looked interesting but wasn't sure at the time whether it would be synned or not. Seems not, so I might grab some of those as well while they'e on offer, if I get a good loss to show for it!!

Edit - whenever green tea has been mentioned in group, my C always asks if anyone has ever tried red tea - is that the same as the redbush tea a couple of you have mentioned?

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Peppermint tea is lovely x
To those of you with headaches, it won't be just caffeine withdrawal as green tea contains caffeine. It is a detoxing type tea so it is possible that that is why you have headaches. Some brands of green tea you mustn't make to strong or they're quite acidic and can make you feel sick.

Personally I get my own green tea from a chinese supermarket. It is mellow and gorgeous and it definitely helps my weight loss. I always lose more weight in weeks that I remembered to go buy my green tea! I think it's supposed to help raise metabolism.
I used to only drink coffee, but gave it up about 7/8 months ago, I turned to green tea as I have a phobia of "normal" tea like PG/tetley

I didn't like the plain green tea, but loved the flavoured ones, my fave was green tea with lime made by jacksons of Piccadilly then I started buying the multi selection packs by twinings, my faces from the selection are green tea with apple and pear, green tea with cranberry and the citrus one.
Also I have found in asda a green tea with pomegranates and this is divine...

But now I'm on a vlcd diet, I can't drink any of the fruit/citrus teas so have moved onto mint tea.. My fave one being the nettle and peppermint one, it's lovely and can drink at least 6 cups a day!
I find I don't have to have eaten anything 1st either, they sit quite well on the stomach, ESP as mine is constantly empty!!!!

I hope you find some flavours that you like!


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