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Green Tea


Determination is Key
I've used chinese green tea in the past and it really helps with my IBS, when nothing else works in getting things moving, green tea does!
I've never heard of that before and haven't had a reaction like that from it either to be honest



Determination is Key
Ah so I can drink it without being in fear of running to the bathroom haha

So, does it do anything to help the weight loss system?
the green tea i use is from a chinese herb shop and is called a 'slimming tea' (Feiyan tea)
I started using it after my sister recommended it to me (she has IBS too) and it deffo acts like a laxative. :D
I havent lost any weight using it though just to clarify! i think you would need to have a good diet alongside it which i never used too!
i dont like rasberry tea as used too drink rasberry leaf tea when pregnant as it helps in latter stages of pregnancy.

love green tea it also helps with my ibs. it deffo acts like a laxative.
ooooohhhhhh a laxative you say......thats what i need at the mo lol

I used to drink alot of green tea with lemon..... Tetley tea bag i found the best :) oh and a £1 in sainsburys at the mo..... If you dont like the taste add some more lemon juice to aid the flavour :) x
I've been drinking the twinings ones for the last 2 weeks fruit flavoured ones they are very nice and I've had some good losses ;)
I started drinking green tea months ago as I was told it helps weight loss. I don't think it helped at all but I still drink it as I got used to the taste and it's helped me cut down on caffeine!


Determination is Key
I've been drinking the twinings ones for the last 2 weeks fruit flavoured ones they are very nice and I've had some good losses ;)
How many cups a day would you have, hun?
I have green tea tablets, as dont 'like' hot drinks really. They dont seem to do much, apart from make me visit the loo more often - not for a laxative reason though!


I've tried green tea cos I read it helps with weight loss. Not sure about the laxative effects tho!

I read in a fitness mag that to get the full weight loss benefits you would need to be drinking 6-8 cups of green tea a day. I could just about manage 3, so went onto green tea supplements instead. Now I just have to remember to take them!:)
I've been drinking 5 might get some tabs sounds a better way although I do like drinking it
had lemon and ginger tea today quite nice and smells like fresh baked bickies dont smell the actual bag like i did tho i started choking and sneezing oops lol ive had he chinese slimming tea before tastes fine but dont leave the house after a couple of cups haha x

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