Greys Anatomy - May have spoilers

And me!! Brilliant show even better than ER now. Hope they dont make us wait too long for series 3.
i love it too....was i the only one who got a bit peed off at how selfish izzy was cutting his cord???

apparently new series starts in autumn btw:p
I cried my eyes out watching it last night which is a rare thing for me! I never cry at tv programmes, but the poor doggie really got to me, I dread the thoughts of ever having to make that decision about my little doggies! And then Denny :cry: I can't wait for the next series! Love it so much.
Oh poor Doc the doggy. That made me so sad!!

Chuckie_egg - I thought Izzie was a bit selfish cutting his cord - but at the same time she loved him so much.

Oh it was so heartbreaking - especially when Alex came in and picked her up!

And Meredith and McDreamy!! I was so shocked! :eek:

I wonder who she chooses... I think she might just turn around and walk away from both of them! At a time like that you don't want to have to deal with two guys who you really like fighting over you.

Oh dear - look at me talking like it's real life!

I know what happened to her knickers!!! lol
Oh no I didnt realise that was the last one!!

it was really sad, she's got to pick the vet though, he's much nicer than mcdreamy.

I get broadband next week, might just have to watch series 3 on the internet to find out what happens lol. (there is one out in america already isnt there?) But then would have to wait extra long for series 4 so maybe not