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Gross / embarrassing/ TMI - pls help

Too upset / embarrassed to even show up with my usual name (yeah I know it's not strictly allowed but pleas have mercy and I'll delete this name later today :cry:)

I don't want to gross anyone out or put anyone off this marvellous diet because it's the best thing since toffee bars as far as I'm concerned, lifesaver, but something horrible just happened.

I just lost control of my bowels totally, everywhere. TMI so pls don't read on if this stuff upsets you. I didn't even make it to the bathroom (am at home thank god). I've just spent 30 minutes trying to clean up, clean myself up - it was like a shot from a horror movie. I've dealt with baby nappies in the past but this is an adult and I've never had that experience before, even with 'the runs', never seen anything like it - I had zero control or warning. MY DH and I are pretty open/jokey about bodily functions but I was terrified he'd come upstairs because the whole thing was so beyond-the-pale gross and out of control - am sat here nest to him typing and haven't even told him

I'm terrified now because I'm due to fly somewhere for work at the end of the week taking only my work case. What the hell will I do if it happened on the plane or taxi or at the meeting or ANYWHERE? I could barely 'clear up' at home in the bathroom with cleaning materials and change of clothes and I have to be at this meeting!

I don't think this is an upset tummy as I feel very well... I've been constipated for a while, took Movicol a few days ago but have 'been' normally since then, drinking 4 litres a day as usual ... a bar or two in the week ... doing nothing differently ....

Feel like a baby and so humiliated :(:(:( and worried I might humiliate myself in public

Please, please, any advice - has anyone had this experience, is there anything I can take to stop this happening again (was going to start P. husks laster today, would they help or make it worse?)

Sorry everyone for the pity-fest and the grossness - I don't know where else to ask advice ... CDC is lovely but feel this is TMI even for her
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Hun - this happened to me when I'd taken ducolax. It's horrid and I do sympathise. I can't help thinking it's something to do with the movicol you've taken. I wouldn't take anymore bephore you get on the plane, iph I were you!

Don't be embarrassed - everyone has got a poo story!

It is highly likely that it won't happen again - just stick to the plan 100% (splitting your packs might help?)

I had an 'incident' similar to this a couple of months back... not as bad but I suppose could have been if I hadn't ran to the toilet quick smart... turned out I had a stomach bug... hadn't felt unwell before it or anything!

Hope ya feel better soon chick xxx


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I definitely agree with Issy. It's the movicol. This is only usually needed in serious impaction cases in the bowel, and as you've been drinking a lot of water too this has helped you flush things through. I suffer from a spastic colon, and at times I have to use movicol and once things start moving again sometimes there is no controlling them. Best thing is to keep off it and your bowels should return to normal hun.


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No words of advice - just couldnt read your post and not send you (((((((((( hugs )))))))))))) xx
I'll tell you my worst poo story - it might cheer you up! Please bear in mind that my broken laptop hasn't got the letter between d and g, which is why my spelling oph some words is weird lol.

I was at a dinner party many years ago with my ex-husband and his best mate and his missus. She had cooked a disgusting phruit curry as they were playing at being veggies at the time. I don't know what the ph she put in the curry, but within an hour oph me eating it, I got terrible stomach cramps, so I excused myselph to go to the loo.

I barely made it through the door, when a bout oph explosive diarrhoea shot out oph me and splattered all up the walls, all over the carpet, on the window, in the bath etc. I've never seen anything like it bephore! My clothes were rotten!!!

I was HOT with shame and embarrassment and spent the next HOUR trying to clean up their immaculate bathroom that I had destroyed with my phruity poo! Just a nightmare!!!

They kept knocking on the door to tell me that it was MY turn in Trivial Pursuit - I was crying with embarrassment but just couldn't tell them what had happened, so I just kept weebling pathetically that I would be out in a minute.

It was horrid and I'm sure they could see my damp clothes where I tried to disguise my accident - I made my excuses and lepht pretty sharpish aphter that, I can tell you.

So there you have it - just one oph my awphul experiences so you know you're not alone!!



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Can't help with a poo story but I've got a good sick one! Went to my newly married brother in laws for dinner. His new wife a bit full of herself, had decided in her wisdom to cook for 10 of us a 5 course meal. Got to 9.30pm and we were all absolutely plastered as no food had yet appeared. 9.45pm she playfully serves up some beetroot soup; don't like beetroot and yet so desperate for food ate some. She had basically blended some pickled beetroot and heated it a bit! YUK. Anyway, after about 3 spoonfuls the soup hit the wine and I legged it to the loo. Projectile vomit, in a very attractive pinky/red all over their smart WHITE bathroom. OMG, I felt so ill/pissed/embarrassed. Did my best to clear up and then went downstairs and tried to eat dinner as though nothing had happened! Not one of my finer moments!
LOL Barb - I still think I win the 'most embarrassing bodily phunction' competition - unless someone out there knows diphpherent! LMTO!!

Girls, thank you all SO much for the advice and well wishing cheering me up & helping me laugh at what happened!!!

I'm sitting here grinning from ear to ear at the 'poo /puke stories' - yeah, okay, so it CAN get worse than my display this morning. Isobel, I don't know how you kept your cool like that - you are Queen of the Misplaced Poo and if I could buy you a large vodka and a tiara at this point I would! Thank gawd for this forum, eh??? Sanity!

Sounds like a Poo Story / Competition sticky would be an idea one day ... :D ... just with a warning not to read before lunch!!!

So I'm going to lay off the Movicol now (thought it was for general constipation but clearly it's industrial-strength stuff) and split my packs for a bit.

Love to you all,

The late 'WTF' xxx


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I've had the both experience....IN WORK....

We severely constipated after a holiday away and took some lovely laxatives that i had from america the night before...

Pooped that morning...singing praises then went into work as normal....

About an hour after getting in...I felt weird...so went off to the loo...just made it in the door when I started to spew my guts up...literally...THEN...while I was in mid-puke...guess what...my bum started to do the same(sorry...) My trousers and undies were RUINED! TG it was a weekend and I was the only female in the building....first, I washed and dried my trousers(under the hand drier) then washed my undies...

I swore I would never use another laxative again....

Mrs Depp

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Right, embarassing poo/sick stories?

Last August/September I was at work when I experienced a slight attack of the poos. Nothing to worry about, just loose, and i was able to get on with my work. Next day, Sunday, I was supposed to be taking the kids shopping. I'd felt okay when I woke up and the loose bowel movement of the night before was forgotten.

So, I'm in the bathroom washing my hands after having another unexpected loosie when all of a sudden I wake up on the bathroom floor.:confused::eek: The kids and ex are outside the door asking "What was that loud bang?" I realised that I'd fainted, so got up and made my way carefully back to my bed to lie down for a bit.

Within 5 mins my whole body was shaking and I was projectile vomitting all over my new bedroom carpet!:(

This went on for about 20 mins when I told the ex to phone for an ambulance, I somehow knew that I wasn't going to get better otherwise.

To cut a long story short I was admitted to hospital and spent the next 2 days vomitting and pooing at the same time. How embarassing to have my ex and loads of medics seeing me with a kidney bowl under my chin and one under my backside to catch what was coming out of both ends! :eek::eek:

Does anyone remember those games they used to play on Generation Game etc? Where the contestants had to pass various objects to each other as quickly as poss? Well that was what the ex and nurses had to do!:eek::eek::eek:

Turns out I had a bit of a viral infection and stayed in hospital for over a week until it finally finished.

My weight did go down to 8st 13lbs though:rolleyes::D
i have a poo story to share aswell lol how attractive but here goes! i had taken some dulcolax and for some reason expected it to work alot quicker than it did so i took FOUR yes FOUR

the next day at work was agony, and my mum insisted that we walk round sainsburys for ages after work, i was sweating and walking like i had a stick up my backside, and i had to go and ask if i could use the staff toilets before i had an accident

it was awful my BF and workmates were wetting themselves laughing lol


my poo story
after ahving my daughter was stitched internally and externally and had an anal fissure.
For months I suffered as I was too embarrassed to go to the docs! My urges to poo became like emergencies the second I got the feeling I had to dash!
My problem was could not leave newborn alone in a room so carried her with me to the toilet [ poor thing]
Was home alone still in nighty , poo feeling came over me , picked up daughter and dashed to downstairs loo - hubby had left it paperless as was his usual trick, so still with babe in arms started running upstairs..............but my botty muscle was so inflamed with each step i went up, a plop fell onto my cream carpet!
What did I do - carried on upstairs leaving mr whippy on each step.
after that I went to docs and got myself sorted!
Felt guilty when we sold the house, knowing what had fallen on the stair carpet!


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Oh Nadine,
I am so sorry but I laughed when I read your poo story. You do have a way with words, don't you? This has been an interesting thread, and has made me queasy. This is a good thing because otherwise I may have been tempted to make some toast with jam.

I have no poo stories, and hope never to have any, having read everyone elses!


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