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Group walking?


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One of the girls from our group said she had to get back into walking but didn't like going alone since someone followed her on the canal once, so I gallantly offered to be both company and bodyguard on a little walk..
I've just traced my walk ( met her at a point on it but she walked down there too so about the same ) and it's 6.5 miles.. !!

no wonder my feet hurt... - Dudley, Dudley, UK Running Route created by guest- A Google Pedometer
I've got quite the blister now though on the ball of my foot ( are you supposed to pop them or not I can never remember.. ?)

We plan on making it a regular thing..

Some of the others in our group also walk so we are thinking of asking at next group if anyone else wants to join in..
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nope, tried it in my steel toecap workboots since they have better grip.. ... bad idea..

can't afford £50+ quid for a new pair of shoes at the moment.. most of my cash goes to the oil companies and my mortgage at the moment..


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Thats a really good idea. I'm sure your feet will harden up though your choice of shoe may not have been the best!!!


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Can you get a pair of last season's boots off the internet?
Go to a walking shop, try on a pair you like and search for them on the internet - they bring out a new range of the same shoes every season and you can often find the previous season's for much less than the high street shops.

Regarding blisters- if they are very sore I don't burst them, if they are annoying me I do it and it helps. Although arguably could get infected if you were to pop it and then go stand in a muddy bog.
I'm sure I had an email from sports direct with an offer for mens walking boots - the type like trainers rather than leathery boots. £15 rings a bell but I might be wrong :-/ have a squizz at their webby!
I was in our local Wyevale garden centre last week and inside there is a shop called Cotton Traders. They were selling walking boots, all sizes and several colours, for only £15. I'm thinking about getting myself a pair. Don't know if you have this shop near you but if you have it might be worth having a look?


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Sports Direct have some walking boots for the low low price of EIGHT QUID!!!

- SportsDirect.com
thanks for the link, nothing in a size 13 in the sale though..
it's a pain having big feet, but I suppose that too is from being overweight, big feet to spread the load..

ok, so a bit more digging and they DO have some for about £15.. so it looks like I'm hobbling along to sports direct at 11am to get me some.. ( and some walking socks.. apparently they "wick away the moisture" which is part of the problem. )
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I have joined a local walking group too, they walk every thursday and it is for all ages and ability's.

Well done Col on such a long walk! I did 3.5 miles and walk knackered!
well I kind of cheated, we walked along the canal for about half of it and that's all flat.. but it was up and over a hill on the way back and then back up the hill to my house from the canal..


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The walking boots from Cotton Traders are very comfortable. I have got quite wide feet and they fit well. Well done Coljack on your long walk! I find about 4.5 miles quite enough!
I have tiny feet, but they're BROAD- my nephew when he was 2 told me "you and me have the same feet as shrek" LOL. When I looked on there for you, I went a little crazy and have bought myself new workout clothes! CLEARLY, I need 2 new pairs of trousers, a hoody and 2 tops... to be delivered tomorrow/ or wed!! :)

Enjoy the retail therapy, Jack, I did! :)


all for my little man x
You can pop blisters, just don't rip the skin off, it acts as a barrier :) Well done on walking so far, I went on a 7 mile treck with my buggy the other day and my thighs were killing me the next couple of days! x
I did snag me a new pair of boots sunday, £35 reduced from £89.99.. so hopefully they won't kill my feet..
haven't really tried them out yet with the blister and all..

If I have a loss thursday, I will be walking again at the weekend to see if the following week I have a decent loss to test the "it takes a week or so for exercise to show.." theory..
Seems like our "group walking" has already gone out of the window... :)
The lady I went with last time couldn't go last weekend, and so far she hasn't confirmed for thos weekend either...
We invited one of the other ladies that mentioned walking along the canals to come with us, but no word from her either yet..

So now I'm in a bit of a quandry..
I didn't go last weekend because I was waiting for confirmation from the first lady and didn't want to knacker myself out by going saturday if she then called to arrange to go sunday..
I want to go this weekend, solo if needs be, but again I don't want to have to go saturday AND sunday.. so do I just plan it for sunday, or go saturday and get it over with so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend?
I called her and badgered her into going.. blisters again...
I need some better socks.. or some sort of gel inserts for the front of my foot... they do something like that for high heels, I may try a set..
Well done for going Col, it is so easy to say stuff it and stay in, well for me anyway but I am inspired by how well you are doing and will force myself out for a walk tomorrow, solo if needs be.

Well done.

Oh and thin cotton socks and then a thick pair over is good for your feet, also talc them before putting on the socks and going out.

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