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Grr to man at my work!!!!


Woman on a mission!
morning MM's!

Grr, man at my work has really peed me off this morn, and had to get it off my chest!
so, I have been really good and was at the gym at 630 this morn, worked really hard and then in to work i stroll.
I was in the kitchen unpacking my brekkie, which was magic porridge, with a banana and blueberries to go on top - and he says to me - 'god, you are tucking in this morning hey'!! which has now made me feel like a fat lump and am questionning my breakfast!
surely its not that bad and he is just being a k*ob?!
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Will be thin god dammit!!
He is being a total knob! ;)
Well not really I guess it was fairly innocent on his part and he wont realise that your breakfast is actually wonderful and healthy and helping you lose weight!!


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He's a knob, no doubt about it. Just enjoy your breakfast and let him talk. He was probably jealous, because he did not have such a nice brekkie - tbh, I'd love to have this porridge now.


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I feel for you hun, but just enjoy it knowing it's on plan. I've had comments like this from MIL for years, it makes me enjoy it even more!

Could I just add, you need to post things like this in the off topic section to keep the main forum clear for more SW related queries and posts.


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He was probably just trying to make conversation, don't take it too personal. I know we can all be very sensitive to peoples comments about what we eat when we are overweight, but I would imagine he wasn't thinking, what you think he was thinking, its just we get it in our heads that people watch us eat and think no wonder your a lardie, they don't honestly, people have their own worries and problems to even give it a thought.

Enjoy your brekkie, knowing its good for you.


Not evil at all
Natty, people are so ignorant! I wouldn't take his comments to heart. Everyone at my work probably wonders what kind of diet I'm on with pasta for lunch and chocolate cereal bars (kelloggs fibre bars!) for breakfast. At least you know what you're having is perfectly healthy! You wouldn't believe what some people think is good for them!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Jaylou - can we change topic thread ourselves cos i think ive done the same:cry:


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I agree with Wish, I think he was probably just making conversation and not thinking... not that I'd accuse a man of not thinking :girlpower:


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GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i HATE that, it's one of my pet hates! the other day i was eating banana and grapes and a dude said something like that to me! i replied 'what? with banana and grapes? are you kidding?' and he went 'oh yeah i guess that's healthy' and walked off! i think some people just get a kick out of trying to make people feel a bit bad. i HATE it! you should of kicked him in the shin.


Now to maintain.....
yes he's just a knob,lol!!!
dont listen to it hun,easier said than done i know but you know its good so just focus on that.


Always comes back to MMs!
Annoying! Try not to take it personally hun, some people just can't help themselves, they feel the need to comment on everything!

You're doing great, keep going xxxx

Mrs V

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Oh dear!
Just think though Hun..you are eating a healthy breakfast, so you shouldnt let this get to you.
I usually get the "are you going to eat all that?"...to which I reply "oh yes, and Im going to enjoy every minute of it!" I know what I can and cant have on this plan and as long as you are eating the things that you should...who cares?!



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just let comments like that wash over you......

I think thats why i dont tell people i am slimming, cos they are all so judging.

If he comments again, tell him that if he doesnt having anything positive or constructive to say then he should.... shut it.


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i work with a skinny girl and she does modelling but she isnt skinny skinny just the right size curves in the right place all the lovely hair and make up and dressed to impress and there is only 1 size deiffernce between us in clothes cept she looks way better cause she is taller and can carry the size better ... anyway back on topic lol i have my brekkie everyday in work of weetabix and fruit on top and everyday she tells me how can i eat that much if im trying to lose weight and she eats loads of food all day long

she is so up herself it puts me off eating at the same times as her she stands eating her food infront of a big mirror she is so vain ... but she is starting to really get to me she is always comenting on my food and how much im eating etc its getting to the stage where id love to punch her :(

i wont let her get me down though cause she is gaining weight and its noticable and im losing and its noticable and soon il weigh less and wear a smaller size than her lololol :D
I'm the only girl in our department so I get this a LOT! I was having my brekkie t'other day-beans on toast with dairy lea light. So 2 healthy extras and free foods. All allowed on the plan. i was really enjoying it when captain idiot strolled into the kitchen and sneered 'guess the diet didn't last long then' My repsonse was when I start looking 20 months pregnant, as you do, then I'll really start worrying. Another snide comment was made later in the day and I made reference to him having bigger boobs than me. he hasn't spoken to me since :D
Ha ha ha ha ha, captain idiot is a fantastic name :D

I think (apart from the obviously evil people) we need to forgive people thinking we've gone off the diet or are being a bit naughty. I mean some of the things and amounts of stuff we can eat on SW really don't look like diet foods do they? Just enjoy it and try not to let people's comments get to you :)

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