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Grr why did I do it!


Yummy Mummy in the making
I was just making my daughters lunch and was giving her some silverskin pickled onions and I ate two :break_diet: I dont know what possessed me but I just couldnt stop myself. Will this do much damage? I am so annoyed as I am on day 12 and havent had a single slip up yet. I salute all of you who can do this diet 100% SS x
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TattyMoo just think about what you used to snack on before cd... if you snacked on the things I did then 2 pickled onions is still extremely saintly. I know a lot of people obsess about ketosis on here,but I never have because they way I look at is that the simple fact that this is a vlcd is the driving force behind our weightloss and pickles are exceptionally low....they are free on slimming world.

To all ketosis experts and fans please don't blast me if you don't agree with me,it is only my opinion and very often I am wrong. x


Yummy Mummy in the making
Thank you Mrs T. The things I snacked on before CD were things like crisps so I guess in that respect 2 wee onions is nothing xx
Hello TattyMoo

It was just a tiny blip, don't worry and carry on.

I do remember eating lots on Slimming World!

You will be fine - forgive yourself for this teeniest of misdemeanours x
I'm sure you will be fine, I'm almost positive it wouldn't have kicked you out of ketosis.... I don't call eating picked onions naughty..... maybe a whole bar of something but not onions. x
That sounds very reassuring Mrs. Essex - 2 pickled onions really does sound like one of the least offensive blips ever posted here.

When I considered a binge this week (oh the shame of it, thank goodness I didn't) I calmly announced to my colleague that I was looking for a vending machine or a little patients' shop/trolley (we were at a private hospital) so that I could have about 4 bars of chocolate. Thank goodness she stopped me!


Yummy Mummy in the making
Phew thanks everyone :D I feel better now, will forget it happened and carry on :)
Ah Tatty as you said just let it go and move on hon,i had 2 slices of ham at the weekend so i couold have a few drinks and still lost 4lbs this week (although i have no intention of doing this again and is the 1st time since being on cd) so decided I am not going to beat myself up about this. x


Yummy Mummy in the making
lol at the sneezing ;)

Thanks all, I could have had worse I suppose so I dont feel bad about it now :)

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