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Grrr i am angry


soon to be skinny minnie
As it is my brothers day off work today we decided that we would go into town for some lunch and a browse round some shops. anyway we had a nice sw friendly lunch and done some shopping. We were going for the train and still had nearly half an hour to kill so we went round some of the shops in the train station, i asked my brother to wait outside with the pram and the bags whilst i went into claires accessories. So i noticed a sale section and thought i'd have a wee look, there was loads of lovely stuff for dd's hair and i would have bought some of it. However i could sense i was being watched and eventually the assistant came over and asked what i was looking for. I just politly said that i wasn't sure yet and i was just having a look. I went to look at some other stuff too but i could feel her and the other assistant staring at me and not even 2 minutes later the second assistant came over and asked what i was looking for and could she help me, in a way that suggested she thought i was suspicious. I just said no and that i was just looking, then i got fed up with being stared and and moved out of the shop. I was treated as though i was going to steal from them. I would never steal anything!!!! It isn't in me to do something like that. Anyway, their loss, they have lost out on my money during this recession.

I understand that they need to look out for shoplifters etc but don't hound a 27 year old mum who is just in looking for a few bits for her dd's hair. It isn't as though i even looked scruffy , not that i'm saying all shoplifters are scruffy,. Och sorry for the rant, it just really annoyed me.

Oh and had massive argument with oh last night all over a fitted kitchen :eek:.

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oh dont you just hate that you should have said no im ok if i need you i will give you a shout,i hope you gave her a dirty glare lol stuck up cow
oh dear - i hate it when you go into shops for a nosey and the sales assistants are all over you like you are going to steal something! I was in homebase a few weeks ago and the guard was following me about and it drove me mad!


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Claire's staff are always all over you like a rash when you go into the shop, I don't like it in there!! Tbh, it's not the sort of shop where you look for something in particular, you tend to go in for a look - if you get my drift, so to ask what you were looking for is stupid!!

I totally understand where you are coming from!


Trying again!!!
I totally agree with jay about the staff in Claire's, I have had the same problem ~ the last time I just walked out and haven't been in it since! So I completely understand Betty!! Hope your day gets better hun! xx
Claires staff are a pain in the butt !!
As soon as I walk in one staff say.... ''Would you like a basket''?
arghh.. if I want a dam basket I would of picked up one ..dummy !!
I say that 'quote' everytime I go in Claires ..why dont they just leave you in peace?
unfortunately i seem to look like a 'shoplifter' and me and hubby have been followed around shops on a few occasions! The worst had to be in Pound Stretcher! How sad is that?!? The guard followed us, the staff blatantly kept and eye on us and then when we got to the till the manager oversaw the whole transaction. I was absolutely fuming and loudly said to my hubby 'funny that we have been followed around by all these people and now the bl00dy manager - especially as i earn more than her!'

i don't think i look scruffy - but they always zone in on me! LOL
That's awful! I remember quite some time ago when I ws about 18 I was very angry in BHS as I was being followed around the shop! I actually turned to the plain clothed security woman and asked her why she was following me as I was clearly heading to the till with my goods and that it was appalling that all teenagers are presumed to be the sort that steal! It rattkles my cage that does!

K xx


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When I was a teenager I'd get followed everywhere it used to drive me nuts. I haven't noticed it for a long time now though. Try to take it as a compliment that you look young! It could be that you look similar to a known shoplifter - not that I'm trying to defend the security staff. What a thankless rubbish job that must be anyway.


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi dehli, yeah my mum said that maybe i looked like a known shoplifter and that's why they hounded me. But at the end of the day, if they want to watch out fair enough but don't swoop in on innocent people doing their shopping and lose sales, they could have just kept an eye on me from afar lol, i would have been none the wiser and they would have got a sale xx

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