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I saw my dr the other day to ask her permission to do the diet and she as good as agreed but I had to have health check by nurse and then leave forms for dr to sign off. I just collected them and she has put on the form 'this lady has suffered with severe depression, self-harming behaviour and severe bulimia', but she has still signed me off to do it. She also put I am awaiting therapies and treatments and take high dose medications. I am now worried LL won't let me do this diet when, like another lady here, I feel that abstanance would be the key for me. Please put my mind at rest.
Ahhhhhh Carrie,I dont think thats nice for them to put that BUT maybe they have to.Did you explain to LL that you had these problems?
You have a weight problem thats down to your emotions and with the problems you have had I expect over-eating was one way to console your~self??
I think LL will see this too and see that if they can help you with your 'Eating problems' it may help you cope with other aspects of your life?
Im no expert and I hope some1 here can tell you If you'll be ok to do it?
I think it depends on what medication you are on, i had a friend who was on antidepressants and wasnt allowed to ss with Cambridge. CDcouncellor knows who im talking about, she'll advise.

I cannot speak for LL but you would unfortunately be contraindicated for the Cambridge Diet. This means that you would not be allowed to use any programme at all.

Severe Depression, Anorexia and Bulimia are amongst the conditions listed where we cannot supply any diet.

Additionally, certain medications cannot be used with the Cambridge Diet.

This is to ensure your health and well being.

The best advice I can give you at the moment is to follow the GI diet and Roch has posted an excellent thread for this today, Roch herself is following the Low GI plan.

In the future it may be possible for you to move onto LL or CD but as things are now this would not be in your best interests.

I am sorry to have to tell you this as I really do appreciate how important your weightloss is to you. You can achieve really good losses safely with the Low GI diet.

Please don't be too disappointed there are so many options available now and this forum is here to support and help you through your weightloss journey.

Thank you so so much for your replies. I understand why I wouldn't be allowed to do it and from doing the CD back at xmas when I lied on the form saying that I have no health problems, I know what it does to me. My bulimia gets worse. It was the same when I was on Xenical so I do know what you all are talking about. I am having CBT and CAT anyway which will help with any other programme I follow, so hopefully I can still lose weight!
Continue with your therapy and try your best to make sensible food choices, this way you will feel great and will start to lose weight which in turn will make you feel better about yourself.

You have acknowledged that when you did use CD before it made you fell unwell and you obviously understand this really isn't the best way for you at the moment.

We will be here to help and support you.

Oh you do have alot on your plate at the moment (to coin a phrase)

Linda is 110% correct and says it in a way i could never...

I wish you all the best - take good care of yourself dollface.

Keep us posted!

Wondered if there were any LL councellors on here, who could give Carrie an answer. Do LL have the same rules as CD regarding medical history? Im interested to know if doctor agree's with it would Cd or LL then allow her to use their products even with the contraindications.
LL counsellors are not allowed to post on forums.

I would think that as VLCD's are very much the same if something is contraindicated for one it would be for the others. The only way to find out is by checking this out with the LL counsellor or if anyone on here has been through the process themselves.

It would be interesting to find out.

Hi Happe,

The fact I have been open about the bulimia and depression and self-harming and the fact I only had one yes ticked on the whole form and it was in section two; the fact I am being successfully treated medicinally and therapeutically, all mean I was able to enrol today! They spoke to me at length and we decided I am in a stronger place now than ever and we will review it every few weeks. HTH.
That is excellent, welcome to LL and keep being honest with yourself - if any old habits start returning then please don't keep them quiet!
Good luck with your weightloss journey.
Take it easy and look after yourself as Flopster said if be true to yourself and tell someone if old habits start to return.
Your health is inportant so take care.
I am pleased for you that you are able to start. You are aware of the pitfalls as you have said before. If you work closely with all involved this time your weightloss journey should be successful and in turn you should also feel so much better about yourself.

If at anytime you change your medication just let your LL counsellor know to ensure your good health.

Hi Carrie, im happy for you that you are going to be allowed to follow the LL plan. You'll certainly be dropping some of those stones off quickly now:) Its hard enough choosing a diet to follow without there being issues in the way to interfere with your choice. Just take care of yourself and be honest with yourself and your councellor if any of the old feelings begin to return.
You are about to embark on a hard but exciting journey enjoy it. Keep posting every day, it certainly is keeping my fingers out of the sweetie jar.:)