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Hey everyone.. Just typing on here as at the present moment I am sitting here looking at my OH eat a big fat mcdonalds! We both got in late tonight but I was a good girl and stuck to what I was going to have. So I'm sitting here with a diet coke polishing my halo.. But it smells sooo good! Damn him
for being able to eat what he wants and stay slim!! Men!!

Rant over... Sorry just having to keep hands busy or may attack him for a chip... Lol! Xxx
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likes to eat!
Is horrible when they do that! My DH isn't following the plan to a T (like me), but is obviously having the same teas as me, plus all the other cr*p he eats too, takeaways, crisps, dips, chocolate, he comes downstairs today and say 'I have lost 5lbs!!' I have been an angel and only lost one this week, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
You would not believe what I suffered last night, 4 of my other half's mates came over, 3 of them and my OH had big yummy pizzas and the other had a McDonalds.

I hate him!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
My Hubby does this everyday Hun. It may smell lovely, but just think of the grease that is oozing out of it! You will be getting skinny, while he will be getting fat!

That is sooo harsh kikikisses!! Sometimes I just don't think they get it!! I was trying to think of that Mrs V! Although I don't think he will everrr put on weight he is quite skinny! But I do feel good for resisting and am looking forward to getting on the scales
Monday morning! So how are your OH's or family
in general? Quite supportive etc? X

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Oh believe me Hun...he may get away with it at the moment, but as he gets older his body wont be able to process the foods in the same way..he'll get fat! Lol...

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