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I can't believe I have been signed off more time with the tendonitis in my foot! I am so desperate to join the local 20's rambling group, but I wont be able to walk on my foot for 6 weeks. Weep!

I really want to do some exercise for my own sanity and to help speed me weight loss in the next weeks.

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Slow but sure....
Oh dear Jenny, how frustrating for you, but just rest and elevate your foot as much as you can and the time will soon pass, if you try to use your foot to soon you could cause some permanent damage.

Best wishes to you.
Thanks Donnie :) It is fustrating, but a friend told me there husband had some similar and did to much resulting in a operation and a plaster casts for 3 months :eek: - so I'm resting it up now!

I think I just needed to rant ;)
Know just how you feel as I have been off work since the 4th feb as I had a knee replacement and am still in a lot of pain. Before the opp people kept saying to me "oh give it 6 - 8 weeks and you will be running round like a spring chicken". Since having it done all I hear is " had mine done 18 months ago and its still not right" which isn't what I want to hear. It is so frustraiting not being able to do what you want and get about easily, but time as they say is a great healer. Just wish it would go faster lol. Hope it gets better very soon for you and you can get back to normal. Take care. xxxx
Thank you Charlotte :) I'm really sorry to hear about your knee. Have the doctors been able to explain why it's still being problematic? I hope they'll be able to sort you out very soon and the knee starts behaving.

It is fustrating not being able to do things, but this forum is helping keep me entertained :)

Get well soon!

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