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Well, one of my work colleagues came up to me and said you know what Jodie I am going to start LL in the new year, I know a few people that were on it and look fantastic now, so I went fantastic,,,and of course this skinny little bint infront of me piped up saying there are better ways to lose weight than starving yourself, its not right i can't believe your doing this jodie, i can be your personal trainer take you out etc...its not that difficult to lose weight you just have to be focused and do loads and loads of exercise and eat healthy!! i tried to explain its not as easy as that etc. but she was having none of it.

She said that the only reason I am this size is because i dont eat healthy!!! well DUH!!!! does she think she is a friggin expert she has never been big in her life what does she know about being oversized!!!

Then the other skinny thing piped up saying well I couldn't do it eat that stuff your eating god do you not just want chips or something,,i think you should just give up we know you wont stick to it!!

thats it i am miffed off for the rest of the day!!!
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Happily pro pointing!
They are not being very helpful to you.
I would say that you have made your decision and this is what you are doing, if they don't have anything supportive to say then you would prefer they didn't comment at all.
Tell them it is a medically supervised, healthy living programme to help you lose weight, with counselling and a management programme to enable you to keep the weight off for good.

. . . and if that doesn't work tell them to poke it :D
Yeah, sod em! You are doing this and well done you!

They may be lucky enough to be slim but until you have a problem with food - i dont think you can truly understand what that person is going thru.

Well done on not losing your temper.

I think your great for taking this step.

Well done you.

P x


can do it this time!
well done you - don't know hoe you didn't lose it big time - or go and eat something!!! (as I may well have done!)

prove it to them all that you can do it - hang in there
To quote a friend of mine (rudeness disclaimer applies)







ETA - I had the same from the Practice nurse when I eventually got my medical. Who said "I don't think these diets work"

I said

Oh really, well I wasn't actually asking for permission, I just need my BP taken

She must have eaten a lemon at that point because she pulled 'that' face :)
Aargh! My pet hate: the thin 'friend' who thinks that she knows everything about weight loss! Just before I started LL, my best friend (7 stone) lost half a stone, giving her a BMI of 17. When I asked her why she was trying to lose weight, she told me it was because, nothing else seemed to encourage me, so she thought she would help by showing me how easy it is. I was so upset! She could not understand how that was just condescending and downright rude.
Take everyone's advice and ignore the critics. You are on the journey that's right for you, at the time that's right for you. Long live LL!
People are just sooooo opinionated about VLCD's. I chose only to tell my very nearest and dearest for exactly this reason. A girl at work has recently started LL and she's doing amazingly well. One of her friends said to me last week, "I'm very worried about X. She's lost too much weight too quickly. She's doing that liquid only diet, and we all know how unhealthy those are. She should've done what you did and just ate healthily and exercised" Hee-hee, I almost choked on my glass of water. And bearing in mind I lost 5st in 3 months which is hardly slow is it!!?
Oh I'm so pleased that I just got on with it in silent mode!!
As they say up north, there's nowt funnier than folk...
tell them to go to mcdonalds and get some lunch......... people at my work are like that but i see them stuff their faces with grease laden food it makes me sick.

on my first day of LL my collegues decided they ALL wanted bacon sarnies 4 brekkie... and i sat there with a shake... it didnt bother me because I didn't let it, just think, you will be laughin in their faces when you have reached your goal :) dont let them get to you... they are probably worried they will have competition in the office ;) (or wherever u work!)

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