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ah well, just look at how much you have lost so far, and ask yourself, why are you sabotaging your weight loss?
probably cos I get bored easily. I really need to focus this week. I ate massive amount of carbs this week and drank far too much. It will not happen again this week.I will also up the exercise.


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Ah, carb creep... I had it yesterday and I had a chinese. Not good! Willpower is the key - just think about how you feel when you reach your goal and focus on each day as it comes. You'll get there :)
Oh piggy, I see you are in Colchester, I nearly got posted there once, luckily for me it was changed to London. :)
LOL yes, I never fancied Colly either, I went to Woolwich instead which was great, what's your hubby in? I was 2 Para for 3 years and then RAOC for 22.
RLC that's what the RAOC and the RCT merged into love. You can tell him he's in a good mob. :)

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
I'm so cross with myself.I've everything wrong in the last week where has my will power gone and why is it so hard when you're down to the last stone?:mad:
Hey hun its probably because you can see the finish line ahead of you but you need to keep going you're so close! Just keep in mind how you want to look and feel when you get to goal.

Keep it up x
aww keep it up, strict atkins for 1 month.....1 month only!!! and you could shift that 14 lbs!!

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