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I sit with a woman at work who has just done her best to make me feel like poop about the training i'm doing for a 10k run in October.

Basically I mentioned tonight's training session and used the word jog and she said 'oh but you've got to do some running', so which I replied that we were doing jogging. She then went through a series of comments, complete with over the top facial expressions, about how jogging is nothing like running. My thought on it is that they're basically the same, but the pace is different. I pointed out that people running the marathon don't go at a running pace, but a jogging pace, and she made some snotty comment about how i'm not running a marathon.

It's so annoyed me, I think it's probably because she recently signed up for a 10k race that's before mine, but I got my sponsorship request out before her and due to my bribery (cakes), i'm getting lots of generous sponsors.

I should point out that this woman is 36 and behaves like a spoilt teenager all the time!

Rant over!
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She sounds like a rightsilly cow, has she done a marathon before - because i bet she hasnt!
I think its fantastic that your oing a 10k and jogging takes a lot out of you and having been at these events supporting friends they all end up fast jogging becuase you have to pace ptherwise youl be buggered!
Tell the silly cow to go do one and when shes done one then she can have a opinion - your not paula radcliff jen!


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Take no notice! Shes probably jealous that your getting all the fab training in and she probably has to jog on her own!
She's basically an idiot anyway, she thinks she's clued up about everything, but actually she has no experience in anything other than london council estate culture (I wish I didn't have to stereotype, but she actually goes out of her way to live up to the image!).

I think she's worried that i'm going to do better than her as i'm fat and she's teeny tiny. She gets out of breath carrying a tray of cups though, so i'm hoping she's going to do really badly!
I would but she's a hard nosed london bird who thinks nothing of fighting for respect she thinks she's owed!!!

Same woman just deliberately stitched me up so that while she was at lunch i had to run around like a blue arsed fly doing her job for her that she 'forgot' and also conveniently hid some of the things needed. She's looking for another job - it's the only thing keeping me sane!!!! well that and the fact everyone in the office thinks she's mental and a joke!


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Oh, I hate when people are like that!!!

Let her 'run' as fast as she wants hun....she'll probably sprain both her skinny ankles and fall on her boney ass! lol
What a silly Moo! People sometimes walk 10k's or marathons. People have done them on crutches or in wheelchairs!

Hopefully she'll be like the yucky boyfriend in Run, Fat Boy, Run and damage herself during the race :D

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