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I will be skinny again!!!
I met another woman yesterday who is also a carer from out other company, and she was talking about going on another diet. Lavine (the woman I work with) told her about the diet I did. and then she went off on one about how unsafe it is and that she lost 3 stone over two years..

Then she got a real smug look on her face and said "oh as soon as you eat again your just going to balloon up"

I was like hmmm really? Ive been eating for a month and a half and the scales havent budged and inch (which isnt exactly true but the 2lbs I gained ive lost again) haha

It wiped the smug smile right off her face!

And shes put most of the weight shes lost back on so she can hardly talk!! grrr lol!!
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Touche!! Well done- I'd love to have seen her face! LOL!

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well done chel you tell em girl! x


I will be skinny again!!!
I get so defensive when people start slabbering about this diet!

I think its the best diet ever created and its like my little baby that I have to defend lol!!
well you told her, and good for you. I have a friend who although wants to support me, tried telling me how unsafe it must be blah blah blah. but I said its unsafe for me to carry on the way i am, its my choice to do this. we agreed to disagree.

but good for you, stick to your guns...if they dont like it they dont have to do it.


I will be skinny again!!!
Exactly Kerry!!

I do better with things like this aswell!! I need the extreme to actually stick to it! I could never stick to weight watchers... Always ate chocolate and was like oooh Ill start again on monday lol
me too - i need the extreme. taking food out of the equation altogether is how it works for me.
hope you put her in her place chel. Really now, if was such a bad diet, would it be allowed by chemists and the like? You know that ANY diet wont work if you go back to the old ways so why do people single out LT or CD? Jealousy:jelous: for sure. Hey, chel, I get defensive as well when others put down LT....LOL
yep for me food is an addiction and i need to go "cold turkey" (pardon the pun :/) i know i absolutly cannot have it so i wont, if i have a choice i make a bad one. this just takes the whole option out of the equasion.
Hi Chelly, don't it make you want to SOOOO prove her wrong!! You keep doing great like you are. You can also tell her that one person on here (me!) now has normal cholesterol and blood pressure thanks to this wonderful LT diet, I've also got bags of energy etc. so there!!!!!
Fantastic come back hun!
I hate people like that, all the focus on is the low calories and nothing else about the diet because that's all they know. I've had a couple of people try to tell me how unsafe it is but it's before they know anything about the diet apart from the fact that it's TFR. For most of them once I explain about the re-feed they actually think it's a good idea!


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I will be skinny again!!!
:) haha yep!

People who think they know it all do my friggin head in like!!

Who died and made them the ruler of all knowledge like?


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I work as a nursing assistant in a doctors surgery and this diet is very frowned upon by the doctors, they wont even refer people to the weight management at the hospital that does this diet- so as you say it cant be that bad as not just chemists do this diet, hospitals with consultants also do it!!! I had a patient who did the shakes and she lost a huge amount of weight doing it- as is still alive!!! and managed to 'cure' her diabetes. She has put on a bit of weight since stopping, but no where anywhere near what she was.
This time round Ive hardly told anyone I am doing this diet, my OH didnt even notice for 2 days as he worked late, he bought me home a kit kat and I politely refused lol!! I know it works (if u dont cheat), and if all goes to plan, so will other people and u dont put ALL the weight back on when u have stopped the shakes. Like said they are only jealous!!


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some people just enjoy being negative hun - really p*sses me off when they lecture about the health implications though. I am assuming she had no medical/nutritional knowledge of the diet?!
What makes people think they are suddenly qualified to pass judgement?
arrrghh - glad you put her in her place!


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And you notice the most critical of the diet are the people who know fook all about it!! Grrrr! Grates on me too hun but well done for wiping that smarmy grin off her face. :D:D:D


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well done chelly. I think any diet will work if you recognise your weakness. Already banned alcohol from the house cos that was my downfall will have a drink when I go out but that is all.


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol ive been drinking alot!

Ive been being naughty again!

It having it in the house thats the problem but Im not having too much of the bad stuff! just need to get some scales at home to weigh myself
I think people will always have comments about this diet. It is extreme.

I had one lady at a jewellery party that I did last week who told me she was on it and lost 2 stone but came off it when her hair started thinning. She then regained all her weight.

Yes - I will regain the weight if I go back to my old habits of overeating. But....I'm going to try my damn hardest not too !


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Hi chellywelly i totally agree people can get so annoying and act like no it alls when it comes to LT i have been told i will gain it all and more lol. I have started saying you will gain weight after any diet not just tfr we all can lose our way we are not perfect but you know what you are doing and seem in control and i think thats what its all about. These people actually make us even more determined to succeed i dont want anyone to tell me i told you so lol so i will have to keep it off for them. hee hee:D;)

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